Pregnancy Shattered Her Dreams of Becoming a Doctor, She Considered Abortion Then This Happened

National   |   Online for Life   |   May 6, 2014   |   12:56PM   |   Washington, DC

Since as far back as she could remember, “Hailey” had always wanted to pursue a degree in the medical field. And with the support of her parents and the encouragement of her college professors, she was on the fast track to going to medical school and fulfilling her lifelong dream.

But then a positive pregnancy test nearly dashed her dreams forever.

Afraid to tell her parents, friends, or even her boyfriend about her pregnancy, Hailey went to the one place where she knew she could find all the answers she needed without fear of judgment or discovery — the Internet. There she began an extensive search to find abortion clinics near the state university she attended.

Crying beautiful womanFortunately, Hailey discovered Online for Life instead — a pro-life nonprofit organization that uses innovative Internet technology to reach out online to abortion-determined women and help connect them with a local life-affirming pregnancy center where they can receive compassion and information to help them make a fully informed decision about the life of their unborn child.

Hailey called the number on the computer screen and made an appointment at a local life-affirming pregnancy center.

During her initial appointment, Hailey was compassionately educated on all aspects of her pregnancy and all of the options available to her. Yet, despite the love and kindness she was shown, Hailey could not yet commit to choosing life.

However, the uplifting words of the volunteers at the pregnancy continued to echo in Hailey’s mind long after the appointment. And after weeks of praying and hoping, the staff finally received an email from Hailey that contained the incredible news that she had decided to keep her baby!

Hailey then shared when she finally gathered the courage to tell her parents about her pregnancy, they took it much better than she anticipated, and although they were disappointed in this unexpected turn of events, the pregnancy appears to have brought them even closer together.

Hailey’s mother began calling and texting every day to check in on her daughter and unborn grandchild. Likewise, Hailey’s father surprised her with a show of love and support as he took steps to help her prepare for the baby.

Surprised and strengthened by her parents’ unconditional love, Hailey found the courage to tell her boyfriend about the baby. And he surprised her, as well, as he has been     very supportive, has been working hard to save up for the baby, and is always there when Hailey needs someone to talk to.

Now with the unwavering support of her friends and family, and through the encouragement of the pregnancy center staff, Hailey has decided to continue to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor.



Looking back on the past few months, Hailey sees how the collaborative efforts of Online for Life and her local life-affirming pregnancy center put her on the pathway toward choosing life; , and she is grateful that she had the opportunity to stop and think and include such supportive people in order to make a decision that was right for her.

As she now prepares for the birth of her child, Hailey is already considering how she might one day give back to those who helped rescue her baby from abortion

Stories like Hailey’s are made possible through the cooperative efforts that exist in the pro-life movement. Because organizations like Online for Life work with life-affirming pregnancy centers nationwide, women facing unplanned pregnancies are given hope in the midst of their crisis. To date, over 1,800 babies have been rescued from abortion through such collaborative efforts! To find out how you can get involved, visit