New Zealand Spent $19 Million in tax Funds to Kill 14,745 Babies in Abortions

International   |   Ken Orr   |   May 6, 2014   |   5:57PM   |   Wellington, New Zealand

Why are we funding the Killing of our own Children? Why are we paying for the funding of the killing of our precious unborn and the war against women?

Many of us, against our will, have been made complicit in this injustice.

ultrasound4d19When Parliament passed the abortion legislation in 1977, it decreed that the killing of children in the womb was “a health service” and that it would be “a core health service.” It has in fact being decreed as “an essential health service”, with every one of the twenty District Health Boards obligated to provide this “service”, or to make arrangements with a neighbouring Health Board to provide the “service.”

There was to be no waiting list and funding was to be unlimited. It was also decreed that the taxpayer was required to fund the killing of children in the womb. In 2012 the taxpayer provided over $19 million to fund the killing of 14,745 children and $4 million in fees to certifying consultants; Blood Money. This money could be spent on real health services, it would pay for 722 hip replacements at $18,000 each, or 325 cardiac bypasses at $40,000 each.

Parliament has inflicted on the people of New Zealand a great injustice that is supported and promoted with an orchestrated campaign of lies. Abortion is not a health service, it is neither a service to the child who is murdered before it is born, nor a service to the mother who is wounded and who is the second victim of abortion. It is not a service to our public health service which is defiled by the killing of the innocent. It is not a service to the doctors and nurses who work in our hospitals dispensing compassion and loving care, whose consciences are corrupted by the  murder of the innocents.

Abortion is at the forefront of a culture of death which is evil; it is intolerant of the truth and demands acceptance and adulation. It seeks to involve the whole community in accepting this evil and  It has done this by having abortion funded by the taxpayer. This is an intolerable injustice that should be a burden on the conscience of every person in our community. Abortion is promoted as “a woman’s right to choose” but we the taxpayer have no right to choose whether we are prepared to fund the killing of the innocent. We were never asked.

This is an intolerable injustice. In the United States there is the Hyde Amendment that protects the taxpayer by prohibiting the Federal funding of abortion in the United States. Every New Zealander is prepared to pay taxes to fund our health services to protect the lives and health of New Zealanders, but no New Zealander should compulsorily be obliged  to fund the killing of our precious unborn children and the war against women.



We should follow the commendable example of the European Union, – In the largest effort of its kind in European Union history, nearly 2 million citizens have signed a petition that demands an end to EU funding of abortion or any activity that destroys unborn human life.

Right to Life intends to organize a national petition to Parliament to cease taxpayer funding for the killing of our children. We encourage all New Zealanders to join the movement. Note: Ken Orr is the spokesman for Right to Life of New Zealand.