NARAL’s False Victory: Google May Not Have Pulled a Single Pregnancy Center Ad

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 30, 2014   |   10:13AM   |   Washington, DC

One of the leading national networks for pregnancy centers is responding to the dustup this week that Google has supposedly banned pregnancy center ads after pressure from the pro-abortion group NARAL. But it appears NARAL is enjoying a hollow victory, as few, if any, pregnancy centers have seen their ads removed.

googleRepresentatives from from Heartbeat International, a network of thousands of pregnancy centers across the country and around the world, tell LifeNews that they’re not worried about their ads being banned because they don’t lie to or mislead women, contrary to NARAL’s false claims.

In fact, since publishing early reports at LifeNews, multiple representatives of pregnancy center networks and individual pregnancy centers have confirmed that their ads have not been removed from Google nor have other ads they are used to seeing at Google from sister centers.

Meanwhile, pro-life writer Dave Andursko suggests that no pregnancy centers have actually seen their ads taken down:

But we don’t know, specifically, which ads have been taken down or removed. The real number may be a handful, or none.

Major CPCs organizations have consistently denied they have done anything wrong, prior to the NARAL/Google agreement, and since.

As is always the case with the Abortion Establishment, which has tons of money and is able (as NARAL has) to persuade like-minded city and council councils to go after CPCs, you have to look at the big picture.

NARAL has had very limited success in the courts with patently unconstitutional statutes mandating that CPCs say they do not perform abortions. They are trying with Google—with clear implications they will be going after other search engines—to accomplish what they been unable to persuade most courts to do: throttle CPCs.

The pregnancy center group says the decision to ban ads — reportedly 79% of ads from pregnancy centers according to the so-called “pro-choice” group says more about NARAL’s opposing real choice and support for women than it does about pregnancy centers who help them find abortion alternatives.

After getting Google to supposedly ban ads, NARAL is now targeting Yahoo and Bing. Action is still needed. Contact Google by going here or on Twitter at @Google

Why is action still needed? Because NARAL, even if falsely claiming Google has pulled ads, has created a stir among its supporters and is pushing hard to whip grassroots abortion activists to contact Google. So while its claims of 79% of pregnancy center ads getting the boot from Google may not be real it’s grassroots campaign to TRY to get Google, Yahoo and Bing to remove the ads certainly is.

The statement Heartbeat provided LifeNews follows:

When an organization with the clout of NARAL sets its sights on a grassroots movement like ours, and tries to strip a tool like Google out of our hands, we know we’re onto something good. The fact the majority of Americans now hold a pro-life stance that is, I’m sure, troubling to an abortion industry leader like NARAL, so we can expect these attacks to continue.

Heartbeat International is well-versed in using Google AdWords effectively with honesty and integrity, and we are thankful for every life saved because of our Option Line’s reach through Google.

Further, Google’s advertising policy has always prohibited “misleading, inaccurate and deceitful ads.”  So does the Commitment of Care and Competence (CCC), the ethical guidelines promulgated by Heartbeat International and every other national pregnancy center organization. Our CCC states: “All of our advertising and communication are truthful and honest and accurately describe the services we offer.”

This is the most recent of a long line of ongoing attacks by NARAL on our pregnancy help centers designed to intimidate, discredit and close down the very centers that provide real alternatives and choices to women when they most need confidential and loving help and support.”