Doctors Advised Abortion, But My Little Miracle is a Symbol of Hope for Others

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 29, 2014   |   11:31AM   |   London, England

Little Maisie Smith, when she was 18-week-old in her mother’s woman, was diagnosed with a diaphragm defect that led doctors to advise her mother to consider abortion. The congenital diaphragmatic hernia condition made it so her organs slipped into her chest cavity, preventing her lungs from growing properly.

maisieBut her mother had no interest in abortion and watned to do everything possible to allow Maisie a chance at life. After a surgery to correct the condition shortly after birth, mother and baby are happy.

The sad reality is that doctors are quick to promote abortion as a solution when even the smallest “problem” is seen with a developing child. These kinds of stories are so routine that something must be done to promote pro-life ethics to doctors and medical works who too often see death as a solution for imperfection.

Here’s more on this touching story:

Smith, 28, said: “She has one and a bit lungs so she has to work a bit harder than a normal baby would.

“She isn’t gaining enough weight at the moment, so she has to have a tube.

“But she is getting there. She does everything else a normal baby should be doing at her age. I get quite emotional at times just by looking at her.”

Ms Smith recalled how Maisie was diagnosed with CDH, which affects about one in every 2,500 babies, after doctors at first though she had a cyst.

She said: “We were then told to go for a scan at St George’s Hospital where we were given the terrible news that our little girl did in fact have a right-sided congenital diaphragmatic hernia, and her chances were 50/50.

“In Maisie’s case her liver and bowel were in her chest. After being told that she had CDH, we were offered a termination, which quite took me aback.

“I couldn’t believe what the doctor was saying to me. I told him that wasn’t even an option.”

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Maisie was born on December 16, at 37 weeks, weighing 5lb and 4oz. She was whisked away to be intubated and had her operation on Boxing Day.

Miss Smith added: “When I first saw her in intensive care, it was heartbreaking. Her body was shaking, but that was from the ventilation.

“As the days went on Maisie improved and was able to have her operation to bring the liver and bowel down to where it should be and put a patch on the diaphragm so it doesn’t happen again.