Mother Killed Her Newborn Baby Because He Looked Too Much Like Her Ex-Boyfriend

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 28, 2014   |   11:29AM   |   Chicago, IL

A mother wrapped her newborn baby boy in a bag and left him int he street to die because he looked like her ex-boyfriend. Ana Rosa Mora, 18 and from Chicago, is now facing murder charges related to the case of infanticide.

Mora worried the baby boy looked too much like her former boyfriend and that the resemblance would be off-putting to her current boyfriend. So, after she gave birth last weekend, she left the baby to die and the baby was found by a construction worker a few hours later.

annarosamoraAfter doing so, Mora went to school. Teachers at the school became concerned after she began to ask whether a baby could be linked to her through DNA.

Authorities believe that the baby was alive when he was placed outside – however died from asphyxia rafter being placed in the bag.

From the Chicago Tribune:

When two staff members at Kelvyn Park High School noticed on Monday that she’d recently given birth, Mora showed them a photo of a baby girl on her iPad and said it was hers, Assistant State’s Attorney Glen Runk said.

But Mora then brought up the dead baby found near her home and asked the school officials whether police had the right to take DNA from people in her house and whether that DNA would show who the child’s mother was, prosecutors said.

The high school senior’s story unraveled further when a Chicago police officer stationed at Kelvyn Park walked up on the conversation, offered her congratulations and asked how old the baby was. Mora said her daughter was six months old in front of the other staff members, Runk said.

One of the school staff members grew suspicious that evening and called the officer. That officer called detectives, and police interviewed Mora on Tuesday. Officers arrested the teen at her Logan Square neighborhood home Friday afternoon.

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After initially denying that the child was hers, Runk said Mora admitted to police that she gave birth to the boy alive and then placed him in the gangway next to her home in the 2700 block of North Hamlin Avenue. Prosecutors said that Mora told police the baby looked like her ex-boyfriend, who was in fact the father, and that she was afraid her current boyfriend would realize that and leave her.

Mora also told officers that the photo of the baby girl she showed at school had been downloaded from the Internet, Runk said.