Abortion Clinic Coupons: Save $15 Killing Your Baby by Liking Their Facebook Page

National   |   Carole Novielli   |   Apr 23, 2014   |   10:27AM   |   Washington, DC

This is the world we live in where abortion clinics discount the killing of children with online coupons:

A-Z abortion clinic kills babies to 18.6 weeks in Nevada
AZ CLinic

And if you think these abortions are cheap- think again:

A-z abortion cost

But don’t worry this abortion clinic offers a $20.00 online coupon:

A-Z Coupon


In Michigan- the Women’s Center a/k/a WomanCare also offers $20.00 coupon for a “pain free” abortion:

WomensCenter of Mi

How much will those “Pain Free” abortions cost you?

WOmanCare costs abortions


Then in Detroit, the Scotsdale Women’s Abortion Clinic offers discounts for a variety of “services”

Scottsdale WOmens Abortion coupon

At the Virginia Annandale abortion clinic – you can get a discount for “liking” them on facebook:

CaptureAnnandale FB coupon


At the Feminist Women’s Health Center in Atlanta, Ga – you can save a whopping $10.00 off you abortion:


Travel to El Paso, Texas and get $15.00 coupon when you “Like” the Reproductive Service abortion clinic facebook page:

Reporductive ServicesReproductive Services 15.00 coupon


At abortionist James Pendergraft’s South Florida abortions clinics you can print off a coupon for $100.00 off an abortion:

Pendergraft 100 coupon

Drive North to Orlando and Pendergraft offers a discount for Sunday abortions:
Sunday Abortion Coupon

Are you a regular abortion patient? Pendergraft has a deal for you:

Regular abortion patient coupon

And if you want the same deal as South Florida residents the Orlando Women’s Center has a $100.00 abortion coupon for you as well:

100 OWS abortion coupon

Want the Abortion Pill- Pendergraft waves a coupon in front of you as well:

OWS abortion pill discount

The All Women’s Health Center abortion clinic in Tampa, Florida also has some generous offers:


This Florida Planned Parenthood abortion clinic offers a Black Friday / Thanksgiving coupon:

PP Thanksgiving Coupon

Nashville, Tennessee’s Women’s Center abortion clinic will kill babies in the first and second trimester:

Nashville Womens Center

You can get a $25.00 abortion coupon- but – only one discount per patient !
Nashville Womens Center couponWomen's Center Discount


American Women’s Services abortion clinic in New Jersey has several discounts available.

American Womens Services website

Do you have proof of pregnancy testing from Planned Parenthood? Student ID? are you and out of state resident? AWS has a discounts for all:

American Womens Services

At Tidewater Women’s Health Center abortion clinic in Virginia there are several discounts available if you have Medicaid, military ID or student ID :

Tidewater Women's HC

YourChoice VA Discounts


In Atlanta, the Atlanta Center for Women’s Choice offers Student, Medicaid and Military Discounts:

ATL Center for women website

ATL Center for women

At Preterm abortion clinic in Cleveland where a woman recently died from an abortion, they still have an outdated $5.00 off emergency contraception coupon on their website.

Preterm 5 dollars


In Iowa, abortion giant Planned Parenthood of SE Iowa still shows this outdated coupon online:

PP Iowa Coupon


At Northland Family Planning abortion clinics you get a variety of coupons including $20.00 off an abortion:

Northland Coupon


At Planned Parenthood of New England they don’t want you to do it w/ them so they have this coupon:


Planned Parenthood of NE Ohio made this offer of free condoms and $5.00 off your visit:

PP NE Ohio


Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains offered this “Holiday” coupon:

PP Rocky Mountains

Coupons seem to attract abortion business and even manufacturers like the abortion pill Plan B know the importance of coupons:
Plan B


Most businesses offer coupons to bring in customers, so big deal that abortion clinics do it, right? Nope. What is so disturbing is why would anyone want to bring in an abortion customer?

Perhaps the answer is simpler than we think ($$$).

LifeNews Note: Carole Novielli is the author of the blog Saynsumthn, where this article originally appeared.