Unearthed Video Shows Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger: “No More Babies in Starving Countries”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 21, 2014   |   11:17AM   |   Washington, DC

A newly-unearthed video of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger shows her pushing population control and saying she believes there should be no more babies in “starving countries.”

In the video, Sanger, called Margaret Slee, which was her second husband’s name, demands that women in poor areas of the world have “no more babies.” The footage was filmed at the Dorchester Hotel in London and Sanger was president of the America Planned Parenthood Federation at the time.

margaretsanger4Transcript: Mrs. Margaret (Sanger) Slee, President of America’s Planned Parenthood Federation, maintains that European Women should stop having babies for the next ten years:

John Parsons – Don’t you think such a theory, such a radical theory is anti-social?

Margaret Sanger: On the contrary, it seems to me that it is more practical and Humane.

John Parsons What about the women who want babies now and in 10 years won’t be able to have babies? Impractical don’t you think?

Margaret Sanger: O John you do ask hard questions, I should think that instead of being impractical, it is really very practical and intelligent and humane.

John Parsons But Mrs. Slee in this country having babies is the only thing left which is both unrationed and untaxed, do you think we really ought to stop?

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Margaret Sanger: Well I suppose a subject like that is really so personal that it is entirely up to the parents to decide, but from my view I believe there should be no more babies in starving countries for the next ten years….

h/t Daily Caller and Saynsumthn