Justina Pelletier’s Father Says Her Health is Failing: “She Doesn’t Have Much Longer”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 21, 2014   |   6:12PM   |   Boston, MA

On Good Friday, the Pelletier family delivered over 700 “Get Well” cards for Justina Pelletier, the sick teenager who state officials wrongfully took custody of away from her parents.

The Pelletier family was not allowed to visit their daughter on Easter Sunday. The news comes after attorneys working with her family released a letter Justina reportedly wrote saying she is not being treated well.

Today, pro-life attorney Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel told LifeNews that Justina’s health continues to deteriorate.

justinapelletier3“On Good Friday, Justina Pelletier received cards adorned with encouraging scripture and powerful messages of hope from concerned Americans across the country,” he said. “Thank you to all of you who participated!”

“Lou Pelletier, Justina’s father, told us that Justina saw the mountain of cards and read several of the messages to her. She is encouraged with this amazing outpouring of love and support. I must tell you that Anita and I were deeply moved as we read through hundreds of strong personalized messages,” Staver added.

But Staver said Mr. Pelletier had a very somber assessment of Justina’s condition following the family’s visitation time this weekend, which miraculously did include a last-minute approved Easter Sunday visit.

Staver said: He believes…“Justina is in a world of hurt. She is physically and mentally dying. She doesn’t have much longer.” He wonders how much more DCF “abuse” she’ll be able to endure. He contends that Justina is still undergoing behavior modification therapies, which includes drug-induced treatments. He knows that “Justina is being tortured.”

“Since Massachusetts Juvenile Court Judge Joseph Johnston remanded Justina into permanent DCF custody, she has only once returned to Tufts Medical Center where she was receiving effective treatments for her rare disprder. Dr. Korman, Justina’s original attending physician, is calling for weekly treatments to restore her health.The DCF has refused Dr. Korman’s request, countering with proposed monthly visits,” Staver said in his email update. “We all fear the DCF’s limited course of treatments at Tufts will prove to be too little too late.”

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“Justina is being housed in a Wayside Youth and Family Facility in Framingham, MA. The facility allows family visitation for any occupant – except Justina because of a DCF mandate. Therefore, Justina is transported to a DCF office for the one-hour weekly visitation with her family, which is overseen by 2-3 DCF officials and an armed police officer,” he continued. “Due to these overbearing DCF visitation restrictions, the Pelletiers must complete their one-hour weekly visit with Justina and then remove anything they carry into the visitation. That includes the hundreds of “Get Well” cards that we sent to her – and the ones still to be delivered. Many of those cards will be awaiting Justina when, prayerfully, she is able to return home.”

“For now, Justina remains a ward of the state. This experience has left the Pelletier family to endure the trauma of their daughter being virtually imprisoned by the DCF while she suffers extreme emotional distress and deteriorating health,” Staver added.

“We are exhausting all legal means to get Justina returned to her family and given proper medical care in a timely manner before Justina’s health deteriorates any further,” he said.