May Rally Will Remind Government That Ireland Doesn’t Want Abortion

International   |   Cora Sherlock   |   Apr 17, 2014   |   1:08PM   |   Dublin, Ireland

The Pro Life Campaign has released a new video with the aim of promoting its upcoming National Vigil for Life which is due to take place on May 3rd in Dublin’s city centre. With the Local and European elections due to take place at the end of May, there could not be a better time to remind the Government that abortion remains very much on the Irish political agenda.

Before the last election, the Fine Gael party promised voters they would not legalise abortion.  They broke that promise.  The Government would love for pro-life people in Ireland to lie low and ignore the grave injustice of the new abortion law.  This would leave the way open for them to deceive voters again with stunts designed to win back “conservative” votes.  We have already seen some of these efforts, when the Government decided to re-open the Vatican Embassy,  a move clearly intended to appease some voters.

ireland32The vigil on May 3rd is an opportunity to send a strong message to the Government that, far from losing heart, the pro-life movement is more committed than ever. The purpose of the vigil is more than just showing a strong pro-life presence. It is also about challenging the political promise-breaking that led to the new abortion law.

The Government introduced abortion based on a threat of suicide in the full knowledge that there is no evidence it is a treatment for suicidal feelings. As well as ignoring the expert medical evidence presented to two sets of Oireachtas hearings, the Government also ignored motions opposing the legislation passed by the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) and the Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP).  They even refused an amendment that would provide pain relief for an unborn baby during late-term abortions. Most people are rightly appalled when they hear this. It sounds so unbelievable; yet it’s true.

Even though the legislation has been passed, the Government is well aware that the pro-life battle is far from lost and that the movement can turn things around.  What is needed is focus, resolve and perseverance – luckily, those are traits which have stood pro-life supporters in good stead internationally and Ireland is no different.

We have much to be hopeful about.  Despite endless repetition by the Government and some media commentators, polls have never showed majority support for abortion. The truth is that when opinion polls make a clear distinction between essential life-saving medical treatment which was always lawful, and induced abortion, a sizeable majority remains opposed to abortion.  We will not allow those promoting abortion get away with claiming that the pro-abortion movement is stronger and larger than the pro-life movement in Ireland.

This is a unique moment is Irish history; a moment when we must work together and persevere for what is right.  The National Vigil for Life promises to be an expression of the commitment of the Irish pro-life movement, one which is going from strength to strength.