Ohio Democratic Governor Candidate Ed FitzGerald Flip Flops on Abortion

State   |   Ohio Right to Life   |   Apr 15, 2014   |   4:49PM   |   Columbus, OH

Recently, Ed FitzGerald, Democratic candidate for Ohio Governor, backtracked from his “100 percent pro-choice” position when questioned by a reporter from the Hillsboro Times-Gazette.

This comes after more than a year of campaigning as “100 percent pro-choice,” and more recently, choosing a running mate who the Plain Dealer describes as someone who “ran twice for Congress but is known as well in political circles for being an abortion-rights activist.”

edfitzgerald“As far as we can tell, FitzGerald is backtracking from an extreme position that only works with the pro-choice fringe,” said Katherine McCann, Public Relations Manager at Ohio Right to Life. “Why drop the label now? At the beginning of his campaign, it might have been a cheap trick to get the name recognition that he lacked. Now, he has to appreciate the fact that Ohioans in general just aren’t as extreme as ‘100 percent pro-choice.'”

At the end of February, Quinnpiac University released a poll revealing that 75 percent of Ohioans want some restrictions on abortion. (Read Ohio Right to Life’s press release.) Last summer,¬†another Quinnipiac poll¬†demonstrated that 60 percent of American women favor a 20-week abortion ban, rather than the Supreme Court-prescribed 24-week limit.

“Just what does ‘100 percent pro-choice’ mean? What is Ed FitzGerald’s limit?” continued McCann. “If not at 9 months, what about 8 or 7 months? At what point does he recognize that abortion involves two bodies, not one? I think that if he continues to be pressed on this issue, he will out himself as a true flip-flopper who consults neither science nor morality when taking a policy position.”

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