Police Officer Delivers His Own Daughter in His Squad Car While Rushing Wife to Hospital

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 14, 2014   |   4:58PM   |   Washington, DC

Hawaii Police officer Mario Ochoa was hoping to get the hospital to deliver his daughter, but didn’t quite make it. Instead, Ochoa had to pull over his squad car on the way and help his wife their their new daughter, Marcella, on the side of the road.

marcellaWhen he and his wife Ryan were on their way to North Hawaii Community Hospital on the Big Island the cop realized that they wouldn’t make it in time, even if he put on his lights and sirens in an attempt to get there faster. Because Ryan’s contractions were becoming more severe and she had to start pushing, the only option was to pull over the vehicle and deliver Marcella right then and there.

The London Daily Mail tells the rest of the story:

Still 10 miles away, Ochoa pulled over on Highway 190 in Waimea, called 911 and sprung into action. Fortunately he had rubber gloves in the car.

‘It was pretty fast,’ he told Hawaii News Now. ‘I had enough time to put my gloves on and she said ”I gotta push” and there was the head.

Within minutes, baby Marcella Kahealani was born in the passenger seat of his patrol car. She weighed eight pounds, 15,5 ounces.

Ochoa cleaned Marcella’s face and covered Ryan and his new daughter with a blanket while they waited for the ambulance.