Mom Gives Birth in a Coma After Horrific Crash, Wakes Up Three Days Later

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 14, 2014   |   3:49PM   |   Washington, DC

A young woman has given birth despite being in a coma following a horrific crash. Fortunately, she awoke three days later to be able to spend her life with her new baby.

Wei Liu, 30, gave birth while in a coma in hospital after the horrific crash and didn’t know she had a new son until she awoke from the coma. In an accident in Manchester, England, Zain Iqbal crashed into Lui’s cab — leaving her badly injured as medical officials rushed her to a hospital. Iqbal was attempting to pass another vehicle at the time and speeding.

weiliuLiu was taken to Manchester Royal Infirmary in a critical condition and her son Lucas was delivered after an emergency caesarean in A&E a month early.

Here’s more on this story from the London Telegraph newspaper:

Her partner Geng Yu, 24, was told after the smash, in which he also suffered injuries, that he may have to choose whose life to save.

She was left with a catalogue of devastating injuries, including a severed artery above her heart, fractured ribs which had pierced her liver and a shattered pelvis along with a fractured cheekbone, broken foot and a gash on her head which needed 48 stitches.

And Ms Liu, a shop assistant for Hermes in Selfridges in Manchester city centre, had to spend a total of 40 days in hospital before finally being allowed home. Her injuries mean she is still in a wheelchair.

Mr Yu needed surgery for a punctured lung, broken ribs and also suffered injuries to his feet, while another passenger suffered bruising.

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Miss Liu’s said in her victim impact statement that she constantly has headaches and has a bleed on the brain.

“I still have pain to my heart, it starts like heartburn, I have to have a scan every year for my heart injury,” she said.

“I am very emotional, at first I thought it was my hormones with having my son Lucas. There is still not a bond, there seems to be no connection, like you can take him away and no bond would be broken.

“It is very upsetting. I have no memory of giving birth. He is doing fine and is a healthy baby.”