Mom Has Baby After Refusing Surgery to Remove Ovarian Cyst: “He’s Our Little Miracle”

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 9, 2014   |   1:22PM   |   London, England

Sarah Muukua was told she had an ovarian cyst the size of an orange and that she needed to remove it as it could burst and cause blood poisoning. But Muukua refused the surgery as surgeons might have had to remove the ovary as well and that would likely prevent her from ever having a baby.

muukua2Sarah’s decision worked out as she eventually became pregnant and gave birth to her baby boy named Michael who was born healthy in March 2013. Amazingly, the cyst disappeared on its own.

From the London Daily Mail:

Mrs Muukua, 31, said: ‘I never thought I would conceive, let alone experience childbirth. Michael is our little miracle.

‘He is amazing. He is such a good little baby, unbelievably good and happy. At the time, all the odds were against him being here but he still he made into the world.

‘When they removed my left ovary in November 2010 it damaged my nerves in my stomach and left me with chronic pain.

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‘Two years ago the pain got even worse and the doctor sent me for a scan – it showed a cyst on my left side the size of a small orange. They told me they needed to remove it straight away and they gave me a consent form to sign. ‘One of the possibilities on the consent form was to remove my left ovary if they couldn’t save it.

‘I just couldn’t bring myself to sign it as it was giving up my last hope of children.