State Takes Custody of 85-Year-Old Man Against His Will After Surgery

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 2, 2014   |   1:07PM   |   Austin, TX

On the heels of the controversy surrounding Justina Pelletier and her family’s effort to regain custody of their daughter and provide care for her comes another story of the government taking people into custody who simply need medical care.

These are the kinds of stories that go hand-in-hand with death panels and rationing concerns related to Obamacare. When the government begins not only taking control of health care and medical treatment but also people’s very lives, there is a real danger that the right to life of the disabled, the elderly, and others will be abrogated.

From a report in The Blaze:

charliefinkAn elderly Texas man was taken into emergency custody by the state’s protective services agency last month. Now, he and members of his family are hoping the state will work with them to bring the 85-year-old into his family’s care.

According to KDFW-TV, Charlie Fink was taken into emergency custody by Adult Protective Services when it was thought the man was a danger to himself and others.

“I know I haven’t did anything, I haven’t done anything wrong,” Fink told the news station. “Why they want to keep me, I don’t know.”

The state initially took custody when it thought Fink didn’t have any close family, but two nieces were recently identified. A previous report about Fink’s story in late February said he checked into the hospital for surgery and then wasn’t allowed to leave after.

“They put me in a mental institution Monday night,” Fink told KDFW at the time, saying that he doesn’t have dementia or other mental illnesses.

Watch KDFW’s report:





Judge John Peyton wants the state to work with Fink’s family members, but Fink will remain in state custody until at least May 7.