Feminist History Lesson: Who Gloria Steinem Is And Why She’s a Bad Role Model

Opinion   |   Liz Lemery Joy   |   Apr 1, 2014   |   10:52AM   |   Washington, DC

I was reading that Gloria Steinem turned 80 years old the other day. You may remember that she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom back on November 20, 2013.

Gloria Steinem is hailed by many so called feminists as being a crusader in the “Women’s Movement,” for equality and social justice. She has tirelessly pushed for abortion on demand, and railed against stay-at-home mothers. She was even quoted in her famous Time Magazine interview, as saying:  “Housewives are dependent creatures who are still children…parasites.”

gloriasteinemA woman…who touts herself as a social justice and equality advocate- awarded the highest civilian medal of honor….for supporting the deaths of 55, 772, 015 babies, since Roe VS Wade, and calling housewives parasites…

Isn’t it ironic that a “Freedom” medal was awarded to someone who has tirelessly pushed to silence female voices in the womb?…Isn’t it ironic that a woman was awarded a medal of “Freedom” – all while calling other women (who CHOSE to stay at home and nurture their children) “parasites?”

I can tell you that women like me, and millions and millions of others don’t hail her at all. She doesn’t speak for me, or represent me in any way…This so called “Feminist Movement” doesn’t have anything to do with womanhood.

There is no freedom for silencing the voices of 55, 772, 015 human beings. There is no freedom of choice here. There is no pro-women’s movement here.

Gloria Steinem’s idea of abortion on demand is in reality- Anti-human rights. It’s denying another person the right to live. It’s denying another person the use of their own voice, how they choose to use it…

This is where the true War on Women is. The true War on Women, is with the radical women’s movements that silence other women, before their voices can even be heard in the world. Not to mention, they put down those who choose to love and nurture their young ones at home…

Cuomo, Gillibrand, Schumer, and the New York leaders that support Cuomo’s “Women’s Equality Act,” you don’t speak for me and millions of other female voices…Your so called Women’s Equality Act, isn’t equality at all-….WHY??? Because in the 10th part of this act you have abortion on demand in the third trimester…for any reason, at any time…And, the abortion doesn’t even have to be done by a Doctor…yep…you can just get one- no doctor even needed….How dumb, risky, and evil is that!!

Yet – they hail each other as being “pro-women”- how utterly disgusting.

So what is truly being a feminist? What is truly being pro-women? Here’s my own personal definition:

Feminism is about embracing being a woman. It’s valuing life. All life- from beginning to end. It’s having the privilege and honor of being able to give birth to a child, or adopt a child. To hold that child. To nurture that child. To teach that child how to love, respect and honor all life, even those that disagree with you.

Real feminism is not about silencing other voices, but respecting them because they are human beings…human beings that will grow up to have ideas, concepts, personalities, gifts and talents- that may be far different from mine….but, that doesn’t give me the right to silence them by death in the womb.

Feminism is about working outside of the home and getting equal pay and being treated with respect in the work force…It’s also about choosing to stay home and raise my children if I want to, or have the option to…without being looked down upon, or being called names by other women…

Feminism is about protecting life, protecting others, and loving others, – all while being able to be strong, intelligent, and educated…

Feminism, is not about killing other humans – sadly like Cuomo, Gillibrand, Schumer and Steinem all support…all tout, and all are proud of…There is no social justice in that…There is no equality in that.

The definition of human rights is: a right that is believed to belong justifiably to every person.

A baby in the third trimester is a human being, therefore- a person.

Be a true feminist: Value life. All lives. All humans. Everyone. That is true social justice and equality.

LifeNews Note: Liz Joy is a wife, mom of four, minister, business owner, and blogger. She writes at the Times Union, where this column originally appeared.