Baby Born With Heart Outside His Chest, Parents Need Help for Lifesaving Medical Procedure

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 31, 2014   |   12:42PM   |   India

A baby in India was born with his heart outside of his chest and his parents are desperately trying to fundraise for enough money for a lifesaving medical procedure he desperately needs.

indiababy3The unnamed baby boy has managed to defy all odds and survive six days with his heart outside of his chest but time is running out and Priyanka and Nirbhay Pal are looking for assistance online to help their little boy. The spoke with a British newspaper about their situation.

“The doctors said we should go to a private hospital and get surgery done, but I am a poor man,” Nirbhay told the Mirror. “We can barely afford two square meals a day. I don’t know what to do. We are hoping that the government will help us. I have put everything at stake to save my child. We are feeling so helpless. We don’t know where to go.”

The couple has appealed to the Indian government about their son, who has already defied doctors’ expectations by living past a three-day mark they thought he may not reach.

indiababy2“We were hoping that we would have a happy journey from here on, but God had planned something else,” Nirbhay told Express News. “We have been blessed with a son, but his life is in the balance.”

Last year, LifeNews profiled a similar case in Texas where doctors in Houston reconstructed Audrina’s chest to make room for her heart after her mom refused to have an abortion. That was a beautiful pro-life story about courage and dedication and great to share with friends and family.

From the Mirror newspaper:

A baby boy born with his heart on the outside of his chest has stunned doctors by surviving into his sixth day.

The child stunned medics to overcome the odds despite suffering from ectopia cordis – an incredibly rare heart condition.

The miracle tot’s parents have launched a desperate appeal to help him live longer after he was born in Uttar Pradesh state on Wednesday.

Although the chances of him surviving past his third day was less than one in a million, the as-yet-unnamed tot is in need of private health care and a vital but expensive operation.