Planned Parenthood Opening $5 Million Abortion Clinic in San Antonio

State   |   Randall O'Bannon   |   Mar 27, 2014   |   11:41AM   |   San Antonio, TX

Perhaps no one complained as loudly as Planned Parenthood when Texas passed laws requiring that abortion clinics meet minimal safety standards last year or promised such doom and gloom for the industry. (See; ; and

plannedparenthood28bBut now, instead of folding their tents, they’re announcing plans to open a new $5 million “full scale” abortion clinic in San Antonio. And this one, they assure people, will be able to meet those new ambulatory surgical center standards. (Meanwhile pro-abortionists are fighting the law in court.)

No date or location has been given for the opening, but Planned Parenthood South Texas (PPST) President and CEO Jeffrey Hons assured guests attending a fundraiser for the affiliate that the clinic would meet the new state ambulatory surgical standards.

There is currently one Planned Parenthood clinic in the area offering abortions, but it is unclear whether that one will remain open once the new center is built.

As the only Planned Parenthood facility in San Antonio that is also a surgical center, PPST officials clearly hope that they will be able to draw in customers from the surrounding area. “For those women who will have to scrape together the money for the bus ride from the Rio Grande Valley or Odessa or San Angel,” Hons told the fundraiser, “we will be there for her.”

PPST has already raised $3.5 million towards the new clinic. Note: Randall O’Bannon, Ph.D., is the director of education and research for the National Right to Life Committee. This column originally appeared at NRL News Today.