University Won’t Discipline Feminist Studies Professor Charged With Assaulting Pro-Lifers

State   |   Kristina Garza   |   Mar 25, 2014   |   3:41PM   |   Santa Barbara, CA

On March 4, 2014, a group of peaceful activists were battered and had their property stolen by a radical UC Santa Barbara Professor whose area of educational expertise is pornography.  The DA has filed misdemeanor charges against Professor Mireille Miller-Young.

Still, the University has remained silent.  No discipline has been announced, not even an acknowledgment of the hateful actions and intolerance of the professor and students. Why is the University silent?

A leaked memo from Vice Chancellor Michael Young reveals his hate-filled perspective through stereotypes and nuanced attacks, while giving lip service to tolerance and free speech.

milleryoungUsing terms like “Evangelical Types” he denigrates a group of people for their religious views.  Had he said “Gay Types,” “Black Types,” or “Muslim Types” clearly there would be outrage, as there should be.  Intolerance must be intolerant of all hate speech.  Vice Chancellor Young’s memo is thinly veiled hate speech.

Young repeatedly encourages “civility,” but never mentions the professor’s and students’ vile conduct.  Where is his civility?

In light of Vice Chancellor Young’s hate-filled memo, we call on Chancellor Henry Yang to condemn all intolerance on his campus.  We demand UC Santa Barbara discipline Professor Miller-Young for perpetrating intolerance, violence, theft and vandalism against peaceful demonstrators, as well as discipline the students involved.

As Beatrice Hall wrote in her biography on Voltaire summarizing his philosophy:

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

First Amendment freedoms aren’t free.  We must cherish and protect each other’ s right to peacefully demonstrate especially when the speech is offensive to us.  Speech we agree with does not need defense.  So we plead with all who cherish freedom and civility to call or email Chancellor Yang ([email protected], (805) 893-2231) today and demand that the students involved in the crimes committed on March 4th be disciplined, and that the criminal actions and violence by Professor Miller-Young be addressed.

Ask for, no, insist an apology be given to the young ladies who were violently attacked and demand that radical Professor Miller-Young be rightfully fired.  As for Vice Chancellor Michael Young and his memo – well, shame on him for his intolerance and hate speech.



This statement sums up the public outrage that has flooded our inboxes:

Universities are supposed to be places which cultivate and nurture free exchange of information and viewpoints. In light of Dr. Mireille Miller-Young’s theft and destruction of a pro-life sign and her alleged assault of Thrin Short, it is beyond belief that UC Santa Barbara would remain silent with regard to this trampling of freedom of speech. I implore you to guard what should be the fundamental bastion of intellectual discourse by immediately removing Dr. Miller-Young from UC Santa Barbara’s staff for her blatant disregard of that sacrosanct pillar of academia.  ~ Bob S. via email

LifeNews Note: Kristina Garza is the Director of Campus Outreach for Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust.