Judge Stops Man’s Wife From Removing His Feeding Tube, Starving Him to Death

National   |   Texas Center for Defense of Life   |   Mar 25, 2014   |   1:10PM   |   Austin, TX

This afternoon, attorneys with Texas Center for Defense of Life (TCDL), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit pro-life legal organization located in the Austin, TX area obtained a temporary restraining order from Judge John B. McMaster, presiding judge of County Court at Law #4 of Williamson County, Texas.

Earlier today, attorneys with Texas Center for Defense of Life were contacted by Carol and Terry Mace who live in Pennsylvania.  Their 43-year-old son, Terry Andrew Mace, who lives in Colorado, was working temporarily in central Texas when, on Mar. 6th, he started having seizures and then suffered a heart attack.

terrymaceMr. Mace (on the left in picture at right) was transported to Seton Medical Center in Round Rock, Texas where he was evaluated and provided with life sustaining treatment, which consisted of a ventilator and feeding tube to provide nutrition and hydration.

Ms. Mace’s wife arrived from Colorado and on Sat. Mar. 22nd directed the hospital to remove all life sustaining treatment, which they did.  When the ventilator was removed Mr. Mace began breathing on his own but he began slowly dying of dehydration.  Mr. Mace and his wife have been separated for four years and recently filed for divorce.  Mr. Mace’s father flew to Texas while his mother contacted attorneys with TCDL.  Both of Mr. Mace’s parents want all life sustaining treatment to be continued until more tests can be conducted and more time passed.  Mr. Mace and his wife have four daughters, ages 21, 19, and 16, who also live in Colorado.

The TRO (copy attached) orders that ‘life sustaining treatment’ be continued for three days until a hearing may occur, which is currently scheduled for: Thurs. Mar. 27th at 9:00 AM in County Court at Law #4 of Williamson Co., TX.

“Today we obtained a short-term victory in what may become a long-term battle to save this man’s life” said TCDL President Greg Terra.  Terra continued “it has only been 18 days since Mr. Mace’s heart attack and we believe it is much too soon for life sustaining treatment to be removed.  We will fight in the Texas courts to save Mr. Mace’s life until he recovers and walk out of the hospital or until we have exhausted our efforts.”