The Clinic Turned the Sprinklers on Them But They Still Saved a Baby From Abortion

National   |   Shawn Carney   |   Mar 21, 2014   |   11:08AM   |   Washington, DC

At the end of the last 40 Days for Life campaign, I had the joy of seeing a 3-year-old girl, whose mom changed her mind and left her abortion appointment … after seeing the 40 Days for Life volunteers!

Seeing that beautiful girl and listening to her talk reminded me that the impact of the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil goes far beyond the street corner, and far beyond the moment.

That impact is often generational. The baby saved today may grow up to have children … grandchildren … great grandchildren! And the child who sees and understands what’s at stake can also influence others – including their elders!








Michelle in Montgomery said it was very cold and windy at the 40 Days for Life vigil, “but that didn’t stop us from praying for moms and babies!”

The volunteers were able to speak to a young woman, “who changed her mind and chose life for her baby! Our prayerful witness made a difference in their lives,” Michelle said, “forever!”

She sent along a picture of two very determined vigil participants, “who were unstoppable, even when clinic workers turned on the sprinkler.” And keep in mind it was already cold and windy!


It was cold and wet in Knoxville as well – but this was rain, not the mischief of the abortion center staff.

In this miserable weather, Paul, the local director, was setting up for the daily vigil around 6:50 on a Sunday morning – and the rain kept getting more intense. “I looked up and saw seven vehicles parked on Washington Avenue, and 15 people walking towards me.”

The people were members of the Hispanic Community of Holy Ghost Parish and they ended up covering the entire day. Pastors and church buses driving by gave thumbs-up and honked their horns … as did lots of others as well.

“They were joined by others through the day,” Paul said, “but their presence can only be described as truly inspirational.”


Another Paul, the local coordinator in McKinney, is often asked, “What about all those cars that go by and don’t even pay attention to us?”



“We never know what thoughts or conversations may take place,” he said. But he recalled a story he had heard from a teacher during a campaign a couple of years ago.

This teacher had overheard a conversation at school – a discussion between a second grader and another teacher.

The young boy asked his teacher if she had seen the people on the corner outside Planned Parenthood. She said yes, they were “a bunch of protestors.” The second grader told her they were not protesting, they were praying – praying to save the lives of children.

“Yes,” said Paul, “our prayers go beyond this one corner and affect our community.” Note: Shawn Carney is the campaign director for the 40 Days for Life pro-life prayer campaign against abortion.