Abortion Doc Who Kills Babies Born Alive Sued for “Permanently Injuring” Woman in Botched Abortion

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 17, 2014   |   12:06PM   |   Houston, TX

The infamous abortion practitioner Douglas Karpen, who does Kermit Gosnell-style live-birth abortions at his clinic in Houston, Texas, is being sued by a woman who suffered significant injures following a botched abortion he performed.

After the conviction of late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell on murder charges, pro-life advocates worked to expose Douglas Karpen, who owns and operates three Texas-based abortion clinics. Three former employees have come forward to tell of their horrific experiences working for Karpen at the Aaron Women’s Clinic in Houston.

They described him using the same kind of “snipping” abortion technique Gosnell used.

douglaskarpen3“When he did an abortion, especially an over 20 week abortion, most of the time the fetus would come completely out before he cut the spinal cord or he introduced one of the instruments into the soft spot of the fetus, in order to kill the fetus,” said Deborah Edge, who worked as a surgical assistant for Karpen for about 15 years until leaving in March, 2011.

“I thought, well, it’s an abortion you know, that’s what he does, but I wasn’t aware that it was illegal…Most of the time we would see him where the fetus would come completely out and of course, the fetus would still be alive,” Edge continued.

Now, Karpen is being sued by a former patient for a botched abortion. The patient claims she suffered a torn uterus, bleeding and extensive pain. The lawsuit claims medical negligence on the part of Karpen and said the patient “continues to suffer as a result of medical negligence.”

According to a local report:

The legal document says her injuries were discovered by another doctor who also found internal bleeding.

Because of the nature of the case News 92 FM is not revealing the name of the woman who filed the suit.

A woman who claims she is a former employee of Karpin says there are a lot of woman injured at the Aaron Clinic and they are not treated well.  She says when Karpin injures a woman he never tells her.

“Never telling the woman hey I ripped your cervix you need to get that looked at,” Edge said.

According to the suit the abortion was performed … when the patient was 22 weeks pregnant.

She also revealed that Karpin charges $4,000 to $5,000 for a late term abortion.

Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics responded to the news, in an email to LifeNews.com

“It’s not like this is anything new.  I mean this is the same guy that killed a fifteen-year-old girl named Denise Montoya while doing a “safe and legal” abortion on her.  The fact is, only the washouts, losers and moral degenerates of medicine end up working at abortion clinics and Karpen is no different,” he said.

On May 3, 2013, Crutcher recorded an interview with three of Karpen’s former employees who claimed that babies were born alive and killed following abortions by Douglas Karpen.

In that video, former employees also described the way that Karpen treated patients saying that if he injures a woman he never tells her.

“Never telling the woman hey I ripped your cervix you need to get that looked at,” one of the former workers stated.

In addition former staff members say that Karpen would, “leave a patient on the table, 45 minutes with her legs open and a speculum inside her cervix as he went across to his office and had his sandwich.”

Crutcher points out that in addition to the former employees, Life Dynamics also conducted an interview with a former abortion patient, saying that it is “it’s almost incomprehensible what they did to her.”

Crutcher continues, “it’s almost mind-boggling to think that there are people in this world who argue that these abortion clinics are safe and legal for women to go to, and then you hear from the women who actually went to one and it’s incredible that these people get away with this lie.”