Catholic College Professor Worked as Physician’s Assistant at Planned Parenthood

State   |   Matthew Archbold   |   Mar 13, 2014   |   12:01PM   |   Hartford, CT

A professor at Fairfield University acted as a physician’s assistant at a Planned Parenthood clinic in the early 1990’s, according to a proposal for the creation of a Master’s degree program in public administration appearing on the Jesuit University’s website.

Dr. Michael Pagano, an associate professor of communications at Fairfield, lists his experience in 1991 and 1992 as a part-time physician’s assistant with “Planned Parenthood of Eastern Oklahoma & Western Arkansas, Inc., Tulsa, OK.” in his CV for a proposal for a Master’s program at Fairfield.fairfielduniversity

The Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision has an online license to practice as a physician’s assistant for Michael P. Pagano, listing his practice address at “Planned Parenthood, 1007 South Peoria, Tulsa OK, 74120” although the license expired in 1992.

This is especially concerning in that on his website he says he integrated his experience as a physician’s assistant with his teaching.

“For over two decades I have worked to combine my experiences and education as a Physician Assistant with my teaching and research interests in health, organizational, interpersonal, and written communication,” he states. “I currently teach graduate and undergraduate courses in: health; organizational; interpersonal; and written communication.”

He also lists a conference paper titled “Communication of Health Care Options to Pregnant Patients in a Planned Parenthood Clinic,” which he submitted to the Speech Communication Association Convention in Chicago, IL, November 1990, according to the same document that lists the position working at Planned Parenthood.



Pagano, according to an auto-reply email response, is on sabbatical this semester. Emails to Fairfield’s administration were not returned.

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