Man Almost Died After Losing Health Insurance Due to Obamacare, Has $100K in Hospital Bills

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 11, 2014   |   4:10PM   |   Oklahoma City, OK

The pro-life movement raised the alarm during the health care debate that adopting Obamacare would lead to rationing of health care in a way that could cost patients their very lives. That’s just what happened to Lenny Hubbs.

Hubbs lost his health insurance due to Obamacare and is now facing over $100,000 in medical bills that his insurance plan would otherwise have paid.

lennyhubbsFrom a Washington Free Beacon report and video from a local news station:

Lenny Hubbs, a “healthy man,” as his wife describes him, is a self-employed contractor who was previously on his wife’s health insurance plan. Her employer announced that his employees would no longer be allowed to pay for their spouses’ premiums.

They could not afford to purchase health insurance. Lenny’s wife told KXII-TX that “good” health insurance would have cost them $500 a month. They do not qualify for Medicaid.

Hubbs became sick about two weeks ago. Doctors told him his lungs were filling with blood and diagnosed him with Pneumonia.



He visited two hospitals to seek treatment. The Hubbs allege that he did not receive proper treatment at either hospital because they were uninsured. He had to have part of his lung removed and now are stuck with upwards of $100,000 in hospital bills.