Baby in Stunning Photo of Woman Breathing Life Into Him Goes Home After Hospitalization

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 6, 2014   |   5:50PM   |   Washington, DC

Five-month-old Sebastian stopped breathing while in his aunt’s car during a traffic jam on the freeway last month and became unconscious. As Pamela Rauseo pulled over and screamed for someone to help her nephew, Sebastian, people came running to her aid — including a police officer and two firefighters.

cprSebastian, who suffers from respiratory problems after being born prematurely, had started to turn blue as Ms Rauseo drove along a highway at 2.30pm. She quickly pulled over and lifted him from the car, screaming for help.

The London Daily Mail has an update today on Baby Sebastian and the little guy is now headed home:

The baby, Sebastián de la Cruz, returned home on Friday after spending more than a week in the hospital after his aunt, Pamela Rauseo, stopped on the side of busy State Route 836 to give little Sebastian mouth-to-mouth after she noticed him turning blue.

Doctors later detected – and removed – three cysts from the boy’s trachea that were making it difficult for him to breathe, his parents told reporters.

Rauseo told reporters that the international attention the story received has been a bit hard to handle.

babysebastian‘We didn’t know how to handle all this, and it was uncomfortable for me,’ Rauseo said at a press conference Wednesday at the Hachar Law Firm in Miami Lakes. ‘The truth is that it got out of our control.’

Sebastian was photographed later that day in his mother’s arms, smiling, the color having returned to his face.

Ms Rauseo works is an interior designer and runs Round321, a company dedicated to designing innovative and unique pieces for parents and children.

Her company crafted Sebastian’s nursery and regularly babysits bubbly boy when his mother is at work.



The Red Cross plans to recognize Rauseo’s courageous efforts at a ceremony on March 13.

A trust has been set up for Sebastián at

During the freeway incident, award-winning photojournalist Al Diaz was also in the traffic jam and as people came to help little Sebastian, he snapped some amazing photos — including one of Rauseo performing CPR on the five-month-old attempting to literally breathe life into the baby.
The photographer then took a series of dramatic pictures showing fellow motorists and emergency workers who were on their way to work rushing to save the baby. Sebastian is now in stable condition at a local hospital.