Washington Bill to Force All Insurance Plans to Cover Abortions Fails for Third Time

State   |   Joseph Backholm   |   Feb 28, 2014   |   3:16PM   |   Olympia ,WA

The Senate Health Care committee failed to vote on a bill with significant implications.  This signals the likely death for an Abortion Insurance Mandate (HB 2148).

washlogo2This represents the third-year in a row the Abortion Insurance Mandate, the top priority of the abortion industry in Washington, has died in the Senate after passing the House. It would have required every insurance policy bought and sold in Washington State to cover abortion, which would require every insurance customer to effectively subsidize abortion through their insurance premiums.

While many states, including Washington, pay for abortion with taxpayer dollars, no state has taken the step of requiring every individual, business, or church that purchases health insurance to become de facto partners in the abortion business in violation of their conscience.  Neither will Washington-at least for now.

A fuller list of concerns about the Abortion Insurance Mandate can be found here and here.