Dad Surprises Fiancée by Marrying Her While She’s Giving Birth to Their Baby

National   |   Jenny Erikson   |   Feb 28, 2014   |   12:11PM   |   Washington, DC

Talk about a shotgun wedding! One dad just couldn’t wait for his fiancé to be done birthing their child before he made her his wife. Brandi Wetzel was laboring away at a hospital in Fort Worth, Texas on Tuesday when her intended suddenly “ran to the store.”

Unbeknownst to her, James Anderson had dashed off to find a ring and to enlist the nurses’ help in staging an impromptu wedding in the maternity ward. The couple has been engaged since last August, but it seems like dad really didn’t like the idea of their second child together being born out of wedlock.

weddingringJames and Brandi also have a 6-year-old son, who of course acted as ring bearer just before taking on the role of big brother.

Nurse Ashleigh Campbell said, “The dad came out and told us that he wanted to get married. At first, we didn’t think he meant now.”

The hospital staff decorated the hospital room, draping white sheets over the window. Ms. Campbell called in her preacher father to conduct the last-minute ceremony, which lasted only a few minutes. Brandi said her vows through moans of labor pains, and gave birth to their daughter only half an hour after saying “I do!”

They named their perfect little wedding present Janelle.

Many congrats to the happy new family of four!

Have you heard a crazier wedding story than this one?

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