Black Pastors Demand Planned Parenthood be Held Accountable for Killing Woman in Abortion

National   |   Lauren Enriquez   |   Feb 27, 2014   |   7:35PM   |   Washington, DC

Washington, DC (LiveActionNews) — Black leaders in Illinois have closed ranks, calling for increased accountability and safety regulations for abortion mills after the death of Tonya Reaves, who bled to death after a botched abortion in a Chicago Planned Parenthood.

Reverend Ceasar LeFlore, Bishop Lance Davis, and State Representative Tom Morrison are leading the crusade for legislative change in the state of Illinois to prevent future tragedies like Reaves’s.

Rev. LeFlore stated:

tonyareavesWhile Roe v. Wade provides a women with choice it does not guarantee the safety of her life nor set a standard for abortion clinics demanding due diligence for woman as the tragic death of Tonya Reaves has shown us. We pray Tonya’s death be not in vain. Across Illinois, people are joining together to protect women and girls so that the tragic story of Tonya Reaves will not be repeated.

Being abandoned after complications is, tragically, a factor that has effected numerous documented deaths of women following abortion. For example, Jennifer Morbelli was abandoned by brazen abortionist LeRoy Carhart after he botched her abortion and was unreachable in the critical hours that ensued. Morbelli died after amniotic fluid seeped into her bloodstream following the abortion.

The Illinois initiative seeks to raise awareness of the need for legislation that protects maternal welfare while simultaneously safeguarding the right to life of the pre-born. Americans United for Life provides evidence of the need for such legislation, listing the undisputed, immediate health risks of abortion, including:

… blood clots, hemorrhage, incomplete abortions, infection, and injury to the cervix and other organs. Abortion can also cause cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, renal failure, metabolic disorder, shock, and missed ectopic pregnancy.

LeFlore concludes that the legislation his cohort of leaders is seeking to establish is intent not solely on the well-being of the unborn, but also that of every woman and girl who may be faced with an abortion decision in her lifetime:

This is about clinic safety regulations for all. It is intended to ensure a safe environment for women and girls who are having these surgical procedures and to prevent them from being abandoned when a complication arises.

LifeNews Note: Lauren is a Legislative Associate for Texas Right to Life and a graduate of Ave Maria University. This post originally appeared at LifeActionNews.