Florida Congressional Election Pits Pro-Life David Jolly vs. Pro-Abortion Alex Sink

State   |   Andrew Bair   |   Feb 21, 2014   |   12:38PM   |   Tallahassee, FL

In the race to replace the late Congressman Bill Young (R) in Florida’s 13th Congressional district, there is a clear contrast between the candidates on abortion and Obamacare.

Republican David Jolly is pro-life and opposes Obamacare. He was actively supported by the National Right to Life Victory Fund in the Republican primary. Jolly states on his campaign website, “I believe life begins at conception and that we should encourage a culture that values life – from the unborn, to the young child abandoned by their parents, to the senior residing alone in a nursing facility.”

floridaConversely, Democrat Alex Sink is pro-abortion and supports Obamacare. She has been backed by EMILY’s List. EMILY’s List only supports radical pro-abortion candidates who support abortion-on-demand for any reason and who support taxpayer-funded abortions.

EMILY’s List reports that Sink “won Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida’s 2003 “Choice Award” for her outspoken support of a woman’s right to choose.”  Sink has received a 100% rating from the Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates. Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider.

Despite EMILY’s List’s website calling Sink “proudly pro-choice,” she makes no mention of her position on abortion on her own. www.alexforcongress.com/issues

Sink has also come under fire for dodging specifics on Obamacare. In a recent debate, Sink said some people were “thrilled” about the healthcare law.

The LA Times referred to Sink as a “Democratic candidate who has explicitly defended Obamacare.”

But on her website, she says, “The rollout of the website and problems that have arisen with the implementation are unacceptable.” Sink, who also supported the unpopular law in 2010 when running for governor, now, wants to have it both ways.

Even the liberal-leaning Huffington Post took notice of this new strategy by vulnerable Democrats, writing, “As entertaining as it is to hear these declamations against the website, it’s also hard to miss their hollowness.”

DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, however, has made the case that Democrats will win in 2014 by running on Obamacare. Yet, in this first contest of the year, the Democratic candidate is doing everything possible to dodge the issue.  Sink recently rejected the opportunity to debate Jolly in a national forum on NBC moderated by Chuck Todd.

Nancy Smith wrote in a column for the Sunshine State News:

“You know what David Jolly is going to do as soon as cameras start rolling. He’s going to attack Obamacare. If Sink is on national television, she is honor-bound to defend it. And Chuck Todd will come after her like she’s Butch Cassidy and he’s the Texas Ranger. But Obamacare is not popular in CD 13. She can’t afford to go overboard defending an unpopular law among would-be constituents, providing incentive for Republican voters to come out to defeat her — and risking Chuck Todd tearing her apart while the president’s team watches.” 



National pundits are watching the race, trying to determine whether it will serve as a bellwether for the 2014 midterm elections in November. In 2012, President Obama won Florida’s 13th district by just one percentage point. A Tampa Bay Times/Bay News 9/WUSF poll shows Sink leading Jolly by seven points. Another 14% was undecided.

Election Day is Tuesday, March 11th.