Bolivia Says No to Abortion: Law Recognizes “Right to Life” From Conception

International   |   Youth Defence   |   Feb 17, 2014   |   7:16PM   |   La Paz, Bolivia

A judge in Bolivia has ruled that abortion is considered a crime and that the law of the land recognizes the ‘right of life from the moment of conception’.  

Judge Gualberto Cusi in Sucre was ruling on an action brought by Patricia Mancilla, a member of the same socialistic party as President Evo Morales, who went to court requesting abortion would no longer be considered a crime.

Presently, doctors or other individuals carrying out an abortion in Bolivia, are subject to a jail sentence varying from 2 to 6 years. For most of Latin America, abortion remains a criminal offense.

Meanwhile, pro-life leaders have warmly welcomed the  reversal of abortion-on-demand legislation in Spain. The new measure also outlaws abortion on grounds of disability.

Although the international media has tried to make much of protests against the law, pro-life groups have noted that such protests were dwarfed by the enormous pro-life demonstrations calling for an end to abortion on demand.



“More than a million people marched against the abortion legislation and urged the opposition at the time to make reversing the law a priority. That led to the party now in government making the reversal of abortion on demand a electoral promise, and, unlike our own government, they are keeping that promise,” said Claire Molloy of Youth Defence.

“The pro-abortion protestors can’t even muster one twentieth of that huge crowd: it’s good to see the government listening to the people rather than the elites,” she said.

LifeNews: Republished from Youth Defense.