Thousands of Calls Come in to Adopt Five Siblings Looking for a Home

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 13, 2014   |   8:09PM   |   Washington, DC

Last year, LifeNews profiled Davion Henry, who made national headlines when he pleaded with members of a local church he attends to be adopted into a loving family. Thousands of calls eventually came in for Davion to be adopted.

Now, thousands of calls have come in for a group of five siblings looking for a home willing to give them a shot at being adopted. Although officials are looking for a family in Oregon, they would consider one from out of state if a local family can’t be found.

fivesiblingsBoys and Girls Aid has had over 5,000 inquiries about these kids since the newspaper first ran their story. Sally Guyer, director of child and family services at Boys & Girls Aid told the Oregonian:

“But I want to stress that we’re not looking for ‘perfect,’” Guyer says. “We’re looking for healthy relationships in a variety of ways. Very often people who have been through difficulties better understand other people’s difficulties.”

The Portland Oregonian newspaper has more on this group of kids seeking a home:

These five siblings have shown amazing resilience in their short lives. Joseph, Jesse, Faith, Alexis and Jayden each have their own distinct personalities with diverse, lovable qualities. The hope is for them to have a family where they can all be together again.

Joe, 12, is rambunctious and competitive. He loves to play soccer and build things, particularly with Lego’s. Joe would thrive with a patient family that supports his involvement with sports and advocates for him in school.

Faith, 7, is playful, charming and creative. She finds joy in arts and crafts and being around animals. A bit guarded, it might take Faith awhile to warm up and trust future caregivers. Gentle and persistent caregivers would be a wonderful match for Faith.

Jesse, 6, is bright-eyed and happy. He is energetic, curious and loving and has responded very well to rural living. Jesse adores animals and currently enjoys feeding the dogs and helping with barn chores. Jesse does best when he has an outlet for his unlimited energy.

Alexis, 5, is active, affectionate and outgoing. Like Jesse, she also thrives in country living and loves spending time outside. Playing with dolls, trucks, riding bikes and cuddling are some of her favorite activities.



Jayden, 1, is alert with bright blue eyes. Filled with lots of love, he enjoys cuddling and giving hugs and kisses to those he knows. Easy going, as long as he has a snack in hand, he loves exploring the world around him.

This sibling group has experienced a tremendous amount of loss. They need a family who can be present to support them through this new chapter in their lives, providing individual attention and active supervision as they adjust to living together again. While five children is a big challenge, prospective parents will be surrounded with the love each child has to offer.

If you would like more information on these children, please contact Angela Elliot at [email protected] or 800-331-0503.