Writer: Single Ladies Should Celebrate Valentine’s Day by Supporting Planned Parenthood

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 11, 2014   |   6:26PM   |   Washington, DC

Say you’re a single lady on Valentine’s Day this week and you’re looking for a good way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Amy McCarthy of the web site Bustle has some ideas for women who are not married or dating.

Some of the ideas are great — going out with your girlfriends for a girl’s night, or a “Galentine’s Day.” Other ideas include getting some shopping done, spending some time with your pet, or maybe a visit to the spa.

iloveabortionBut one idea stuck out like a sore thumb:  backing the abortion peddlers at Planned Parenthood.

Say what? The best way for single women to celebrate Valentine’s Day and giving money to a organization that does one-third of all abortions in the United States? Talk about showering hate on women with children.

As McCarthy writes:

Feeling particularly selfless? Go give your time and love to causes you care about on Valentine’s Day. Phone bank for a political candidate you’d like to see elected, or help an after-school program by reading to kids. Your altruism will warm the heart, even if you’re only socially capable of sending a donation via email to Planned Parenthood.

This idea comes after Planned Parenthood itself suggested women want abortions for Valentine’s Day.

Rachael Denhollander of Live Action has something to say about this Valentine’s Day love for America’s abortion business.

Of all the iconic images for Valentine’s Day, the candy hearts, chocolate wrapped in shiny red foil, the diamond ring, nothing says “I love you”, or shouts out a message of tenderness and care, like seeing a Valentine advertising abortion.

Valentine’s Day has traditionally been known as a holiday for lovers, a time to express to that special someone how much they mean to you and, generally, your overall commitment to them.  Clearly, nothing says “forever yours” like “I’ll make sure nothing permanent, like say, you carrying our child, ever ties us together for the long haul.”  If the irresponsible boyfriend needed one more way to say “this is really all about me” and avoid the consequences of casual sex in the name of “love”, he just got it from Cecile Richards.

Whether it’s the greatest way to say “love” might be a little more debatable.  Given the fact that research indicates couples are more likely to break up or divorce, and less likely to maintain lasting relationships after an abortion, one must question the sanity of putting abortion anywhere on the list of “best ways to express love.”



Today however, the holiday has morphed from just being a lover’s holiday to a day to express affection in general.  From the preschool Valentine’s Parties to typical family celebrations, the holiday usually includes, at least in some way, the smallest members of our society as well.  At least, if they are birthed.  Generally, I would suggest making heart-shaped cookies with children might be the most appropriate way of conveying love to the little people in one’s life, but perhaps in Richard’s twisted viewing, snuffing out the tiny human works just as well.

Hopefully the day will come, and very soon, where women everywhere rise up and let it be known that the best way to communicate love isn’t through extinguishing a life or avoiding responsibility and that, contrary to Planned Parenthood’s twisted assertions, the female heart is crying out for a whole lot more then help killing her offspring.