Virginia Senate Passes Bill to Prevent Women Seeing Ultrasound Before Abortion

State   |   Steven Ertelt, Cortney O'Brien   |   Feb 11, 2014   |   2:33PM   |   Richmond, VA

Democrats in the Virginia Senate approved a bill today to repeal a law the state legislature approved previously to allow women a chance to see the ultrasound of their unborn baby before an abortion. Women often change their minds about an abortion if they get a chance to see the ultrasound.

After their sweep of Virginia’s statewide race in November, Democratic politicians have wasted no time in trying to push forward an abortion agenda in the Old Dominion. Senate Bill 617 would repeal the state’s mandatory ultrasound law.

ultrasound4d11bThe Virginia state Senate initially killed the bill but two lawmakers reportedly erroneously voted against the bill when they meant to vote for it. The Senate took a second vote, which resulted in a 20-20 tie and Lt. Governor Northam broke the tie by voting for the pro-abortion legislation.

Fortunately, with Republicans still controlling the House of Delegates, the Richmond Times-Dispatch surmise the repeal bills will remain “largely symbolic.”

Governor Bob McDonnell signed the abortion-ultrasound bill into law about two years ago. The pro-life legislation allows women to see the results of their ultrasounds – significant because 78 percent of women who see their ultrasounds end up choosing life for their unborn children. Because ultrasounds offer a window to the womb and more often than not convince mothers to stay mothers, it’s no wonder pro-choice activists consider the procedure a threat.



Unsurprisingly, pro-abortion Planned Parenthood and NARAL Virginia Pro-Choice have voiced their support of the legislation, arguing the laws “attempt to shame women contemplating the procedure.”

Abortion advocates in Virginia have come under heavy criticism for equating the ultrasound legislation there would allow women to see before an abortion to rape.  Yet, while abortion backers say having an ultrasound is like getting raped, a 2003 study shows 99% of Planned Parenthood abortion facilities do them beforehand.