Black History Month Marred as Planned Parenthood Kills Black Woman in Abortion

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 11, 2014   |   3:54PM   |   Washington, DC

At least some justice has been done for a black woman who died from a botched abortion.

In 2012, Tonya Reaves bled to death at a Chicago Planned Parenthood. The abortionist killed her baby, injured her, and the reportedly waited five hours before sending her to the hospital.

tonyareavesThe case involving Reaves’ death settled this month: Planned Parenthood is required to pay $2 million to Reaves’ young son, according to Sadly, the abortionist continues to work; and the Planned Parenthood is still open. How can this be?

I grieve when I think of this young woman. They probably didn’t tell her that pregnancy resources are available for her and her baby. They didn’t tell her that abortion can hurt or kill her as well as her preborn baby. They didn’t tell her that an abortion could leave her older child motherless.

Abortion centers target women of Reaves’ age and race. According to a Life Issues Institute study, 79 percent of Planned Parenthood abortion centers are located in minority neighborhoods.

plannedparenthood53Abortion statistics also point to racial targeting. In Pennsylvania, blacks make up about 11 percent of the population but have 41 percent of the abortions, according to the 2012 report from the Department of Health.

This month is Black History Month, a time when we recognize great men and women who helped to shape our nation. From inventors like George Washington Carver to civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks, they have done so much to create a culture that respects and values all human beings.

But the work is not done. Quietly, abortion centers are eroding those values.

This February, let’s not just remember these great leaders. Let’s follow their example and continue to fight against discrimination – not just in the black community but in every community where abortion occurs. Let’s fight to protect every human life – born and unborn!

LifeNews Note: Micaiah Bilger is the Education Director for the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation.