Mom Changes Her Mind About Abortion After Seeing Pro-Life Billboard

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 6, 2014   |   4:16PM   |   Little Rock, AR

Thousands of pro-life billboards dot the countryside in cities and towns across America and the pro-life groups that put them up often wonder if they make a different in changing hearts and minds — or in saving any unborn babies from abortion.

A news story out of Arkansas can help the pro-life movement take heart that their efforts are not in vain. A young mother saw a pro-life sign in North Little Rock and changed her mind about having an abortion.

From local news reports: has purchased a board on Interstate 30 in North Little Rock.  In addition to the call to actiprolifebillboardon, the group also offers assistance to pregnant women.

“We show up at the abortion clinic each week here in Little Rock and we try to speak out in love and compassion,” Childress said.

And it was that connection to others that changed a choice for a soon-to-be mom, who wishes to remain anonymous.

“I felt like it wasn’t the right time for a baby, so my first instinct was to get an abortion,” she said.

After meeting folks from, she changed her mind.

“I have been so blessed, the Lord has been on my side this entire pregnancy, and I’m glad that I made the decision that I made,” she said.



Now when she passes the billboard, she said she will have a unique reaction.

“I am part of that 1 percent, and when I pass that billboard, and when I see it, I say, ‘Thank you Jesus,'” she said.