Clinic Didn’t Tell Woman She Almost Died in Abortion: “She Didn’t Know Any Better”

National   |   Chris Rostenberg   |   Feb 6, 2014   |   6:52PM   |   Washington, DC

Meet the Abortion Providers” and “Abortion the Inside Story” are companion documentaries available for free on YouTube that I urge readers to view.  They portray women and men who once worked in the abortion holocaust industry but have turned around to confess their wrongdoings.

It would be a serious mistake to believe the testimonies in these documentaries are anecdotal.  By definition, legal abortion cannot be strictly policed.  It is possible that the only way to make the abortion argument is to misrepresent abortion.  Certainly, pro-choicers employ many euphemisms, or they would have to argue for a woman’s “right to kill her child,” or “a Constitutional right to promote a holocaust.”  When people pretend that prenatal homicide is reproductive rights, that killing children only prevents children, we get a society that is blind to the reality of abortion.

In such an environment, “doctors” who perform abortions will not be regulated to the degree that is warranted.  Legal abortion requires that many institutions become corrupt.  These institutions include medicine, government, journalism and the education system.  Every time you watch the evening news and no mention is made of the thousands of abortions performed that day, you are witnessing the pro-choice pathology.  The legal abortion industry is a train wreck, and everyone is negatively affected.

proabortion4When child killers trick a woman into getting an abortion, it is only one more step to seriously jeopardizing her life or health.  Helen Pendley explained that her killing clinic had no life support or crash cart, and that her state didn’t require them despite the fact her clinic performed surgery under general anesthesia.  She predicted a generation of women with hepatitis and HIV because the child-killers had not sterilized the vacuum aspiration cannulas used in abortions.  When the inspectors came, Pendley explained that the child-killers committed fraud, pretending to sterilize the equipment, then used the unclean instruments on other women.

Ms. Carol Everett explained an abortion she participated in, when the patient was in the sixth month, with a normal healthy pregnancy, with the baby perfectly in the uterus:  “[The abortionist] went in one time and he pulled out placenta and he went in a second time and he went through the back of her uterus and pulled her bowel out through her vagina.  And we put her in a car because we didn’t want an ambulance in front of the abortion clinic and we took her to a hospital.  Seven doctors worked on her and they did a colostomy on her.  And when the reports came back, they said that it was an abdominal pregnancy and that [the baby] had not been in the uterus and seven doctors and a pathologist concurred with that … and there was no lawsuit.  She was told that it had been a normal complication; it had just been amazing she had made it that long.  And she didn’t know any better.”  Ms. Everett mentioned a woman who had died at the hands of a legal abortionist, but the story had never made the papers.

Joy Davis said she was called to the Mississippi killing clinic she worked at because the staff was very upset over an unusual incident, and Ms. Davis had to calm them down.  Davis explained that the homicidal physician, Dr. Tommy Tucker, had miscalculated the age of one unborn child, put the laminaria into the cervix, and the baby was accidentally born.  “What did you do?” asked Ms. Davis.  “’What could I do?” Dr. Tucker responded.  “’I killed the baby!’”  The case went to the grand jury, and the staff testified to the alleged murder, but there could be no conviction because there was no corpse.

Davis explained that when one woman was bleeding profusely, she wanted to call an ambulance.  According to Davis, Dr. Tucker said, “’We can’t send this patient to the hospital; they’ll hang us.’”  The situation grew worse, so the abortionist said, “’Fine, call an ambulance, I have a plane to catch,’” and he left the building.  The woman died.  The medical board subpoenaed Dr. Tucker’s records; but he altered those records and ordered Davis to burn the originals.  Instead, she turned herself in for practicing medicine without a license, along with all relevant information.  The district attorney told Ms. Davis they had a clear-cut case of negligence, but encouraged her to stay at the killing clinic to gather more information.  Time went on, and nothing was done, so Ms. Davis contacted the district attorney again, who told her abortion was “a hot political issue” and they really didn’t want to get involved.  Fortunately, the media learned of the matter, and, for a change, took a stand and forced the medical board to pull Tucker’s medical license.  All of Tommy Tucker’s clinics were shut down.

Ms. Pendley dealt with a similar situation when she was approached by her abortionist with an emergency.  He had perforated a fourteen-year-old girl’s uterus and pulled out her bowel.  Ms. Pendley realized her employer was not asking her medical opinion, but how to cover up the malpractice.  She had hidden records under lock and key that nobody else could see, so that the authorities could not find them.  These were the files on women they knew would have problems.  In “Lime 5: Exploited by Choice”, Crutcher makes clear that few women abused by abortionists will sue, because they do not want it made public that they had abortions.

“Lime 5” has a chapter devoted to shocking abuses abortionists have committed against women.  “Dr. John Roe 74” knew “Katy” had a history of psychiatric hospitalization and had suffered severe depression and had been sexually abused as a child.  Nevertheless, he had sex with her in the abortion clinic with the door unlocked and staff nearby.  He defended having sex with another woman in the clinic in part because he did not charge for the visit.

In 1992, more than 160 women accused “John Roe 497” of sexually assaulting them.  He repeatedly raped his patient, “Ann” who was the abortionist’s own half-sister and a minor, and Dr. Roe 497 was accused of aborting several of her pregnancies, some of which he may have caused.  It was said that he inserted his tongue into the vagina of a woman who was in labor.  In 1992, he surrendered his medical license at last.   Crutcher explains, “The instances contained in this chapter can be nothing more than the tip of an enormous iceberg …. the actual number of women assaulted at abortion clinics must be staggering.”



But in the end, abortionists may be their own undoing, as they realize that true medicine saves lives rather than destroys them.  Deborah Henry was deeply distressed by various killing techniques, such as saline poisoning abortions.  “The baby swallows this saline … and the baby starts dying a slow, violent death.  The mother feels everything and many times it is at this point she realizes … that she really has a live baby inside of her because the baby starts fighting violently for his life … because he’s burning.” Judith Fetrow, formally from Planned Parenthood, explained, “The smell of blood permeates the clinic on killing days.”  Luhra Tivis, a medical secretary at an abortion holocaust clinic said, “I could smell those babies burning [in the incinerator].”  Ms. Henry testified, “I can still to this very day hear the crushing sound of that baby’s skull being crushed.”  Former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levantino summed it up well: “I began to feel like a paid assassin.  That’s exactly what I was.”

A wise woman could say, “I’m not willing to have an abortion performed on me by any doctor willing to perform one.”

LifeNews Note: Chris Rostenberg was once a pro-choicer – when he thought “pro-choice” meant anyone who supported any abortion. Now he believes a pro-choicer is a person who supports nine month abortion under all circumstances. Reprinted with permission of Live Action News.