Baby Saved From Late-Term Abortion When Car Dies on the Way to the Clinic

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 6, 2014   |   6:21PM   |   West Chester, PA

Anyone involved in the pro-life movement has seen a myriad of reasons why women change their mind about having an abortion. But this may be the first time a couple considering an abortion have changed their mind because their car died.

Baby Roman was 18 weeks along when his parents went to Planned Parenthood last July for an abortion. They were told Roman was too late in pregnancy to be legally killed in an abortion and were directed to an abortion clinic in New Jersey that does late-term abortions.

But, in a chain of events that the couple describe as a miraculous sign from God, their car died. Because pro-life sidewalk counselors were on hand to assist them, they chose life for little Roman. Christian News Network has the rest of the story:

roman“[Planned Parenthood] gave me this paper and said, ‘Here’s other places that will do it,’” she explained. “And when I left, my husband and I got in the car [and were going to drive to New Jersey for the abortion].”

That day, a number of Christian sidewalk counselors stood outside of the facility offering help to abortion-minded mothers. Mary Ellen Caris, who has been active in pro-life ministry since 1989, was one of the counselors that eventually had contact with the couple.

But as Cartier’s husband started the car and was ready to exit the parking lot, suddenly the transmission blew—right in front of the sidewalk counselors.

“[T]he car died,” Caris explained. “[The husband] tried starting it up and it just barely made it to the stop sign and died again.”

Cartier’s husband started the car one more time and was able to turn the corner, but the car again stalled—this time for good.

“They had just spent $500 on the car the week before to fix it,” Caris outlined, “So probably he’s thinking, ‘Man, I just spent $500. Why isn’t this car working?’”

Suddenly, everyone began to ask themselves whether the situation was a matter of divine intervention.

“The whole time that my husband and I were in the car, we kept saying, ‘What if it’s God? What if He’s trying to tell us something?’ Cartier recalled.

Caris and the some of the other counselors then approached the vehicle to offer help, and minutes later, worked out arrangements to take Cartier home—but with the stipulation that she first go to the local pregnancy care center.



As Cartier sat in the offices of the pregnancy care center and listened to the words of Medical Director Lisa Thomas, she said that she suddenly “broke down.” She texted her mother to tell her about the situation, who replied by congratulating her on the pregnancy—something that stood out to Cartier as she said that her mother had never spoken to her like that before.

Minutes later, Cartier had an ultrasound, and she knew right away that she couldn’t go through with the abortion.

“I’m like, ‘Oh my goodness, I can’t do it,’” she said. “And me and my husband were immediately like, ‘Alright, we’re keeping him.’”