Staff Did Abortions, Anesthesia With No Medical Training, “We Had No Idea What We Were Doing”

National   |   Chris Rostenberg   |   Feb 5, 2014   |   5:20PM   |   Washington, DC

I believe in the possibility of a world without exploitation – pro-choicers do not. They believe that someone always has to be exploited, either women or children in the womb. Just by lying there asleep, growing, unborn babies exploit their mothers so gravely that the women are essentially enslaved, say pro-choicers, so that pregnant mothers have the right to kill their children through torture.

Women have wombs, therefore society must practice child abuse in the extreme, pro-choicers believe. This claim that there is a perpetual war between unborn children and their pregnant mothers is the height of cynicism and misogyny.

Prenatal homicide is about withholding compassion, not expressing it, and this attitude poses a menace to women. Pro-choicers show love for women through hatred of children (and of course anyone who says, “I don’t hate unborn babies; I just think they can be killed for any reason until birth” is a fool).

abortiondocMost people who call themselves “pro-choice” are not so heartless as true, nine-month pro-choicers (who are the only real pro-choicers in my opinion). And even most nine-month pro-choice-to-kill activists probably are not so lacking in empathy that they would want to perform abortions themselves. Abortionists are the most callous bastards around, and to unleash them on poor desperate women shows contempt for women.

Nine-month pro-choicers (those who support unqualified abortion) delude themselves when they say pro-lifers don’t care about women. It is much harder to empathize with babies in the womb than it is with women. We interact with women all the time, and half of us are women. Women are “close” to us, while unborn children are “far away.” A person who can care for pre-born children is especially loving and has an easy time sympathizing with women; the opposite is not necessarily true. Furthermore, abortion is self-serving – there are plenty of reasons why pro-choice-to-kill activists would rationalize the “right” to choose to kill children. Why would pro-lifers rationalize their position?

This idea that love of one group (women) through the hatred of another (unborn babies) is cynical and destructive to all parties. That is why Helen Pendley says, “Life or death means nothing in [an abortion] clinic. If you don’t respect the life of the unborn, how can you respect the life of the mother and why? It doesn’t happen.” Pendley is a former administrator of abortion clinics and speaks on a double-documentary, Meet the Abortion Providers and Abortion the Inside Story, which is available free on YouTube. The documentaries feature women and men who once made a living by killing children but who have turned around and become opponents of abortion. I urge the  reader to view them.

Joy Davis, who directed six abortion clinics in Alabama and Mississippi yet became a pro-life activist, said that her boss, Dr. Tommy Tucker, was so greedy, he fired his anesthesiologist, the registered nurses, and the lab technician. He trained Joy Davis to act as an abortionist. “I never spent the first day in medical school. I really know nothing about medicine, other than what I had seen other doctors do, but I started doing abortions.” Ms. Davis, who was trained only as an ultrasound technician, explained that staff had watched the doctors put women to sleep. “We started putting patients asleep ourselves, and we had no idea what we were doing.”

Helen Pendley explained that she, not the abortion provider (dead baby provider), who prescribed the drugs, called in the medications and was the one on call when a woman started hemorrhaging. When women did call in saying they were undergoing physical or emotional trouble after a killing, the women were curtly told that the problem was pre-existing and was not caused by the pre-birth infanticide.

“I cannot tell you one thing that happens in an abortion clinic that is not a lie,” says Carol Everett, who had an abortion and was an administrator of five abortion clinics. Nita Whitten, who also worked in a Dallas abortion holocaust clinic, says, “It’s a lie when they tell you that they’re doing it to help the woman, ‘cause they’re not. … We were doing it to get her money.” She explained that it was common to bring $15,000 a day to the bank. Norma McCorvey, the woman called “Jane Roe” in the case Roe v. Wade, who was once pro-choice and is now pro-life, talked about her work in an abortion clinic. “It was just a racket. … [The abortionist] was just doing it for the money. He didn’t care about the women.”

Dina Madsen, a former abortion worker from Sacramento, explained that many of the clinic workers had had several abortions and had no confidence at all in the abortionists they worked with, but had no trouble falsely reassuring their prospective clients – “How stupid can you get?” Deborah Henry, a Michigan abortion counselor, explained that she and her coworkers lied about the pain women experience while undergoing abortions, and provided no information on the development of the child.

One former abortionist testified that the ultrasound machine, which shows pictures of the child, is always hidden from the pregnant mother, so she won’t change her mind and the abortionist/killer won’t be denied her money. But can a woman make an informed choice about abortion if she has not seen ultrasound images?



Joan Appleton, who was once a member of the National Organization for Women and quit over the matter of prenatal homicide, explained how she and her coworkers deliberately deceived women and minors in an attempt to get them pregnant again, so the clinic could get repeat business. The pro-choice-to-kill personnel would give out contraceptive pills for free, but neglect to tell the woman that if they went on antibiotics, the ensuing chemical reaction would render the birth control worthless. The contraceptives were marketed in terms of how low the estrogen level was, as in a 30% failure rate, so the killers knew they would get repeat business. (I don’t oppose contraceptives, but I oppose abortion employees entering schools to discuss it.)

Carol Everett discussed the consent form given to women considering abortion, which was six to twelve pages long. “This form is written by an abortion attorney … and it is written to confuse the girl to death.” Ms. Pendley explained her contempt for the desperate pregnant women who came to her for help. “I never saw [the women] as women. If they were so stupid as to believe our lies, they deserved exactly what we were going to give them.”

Dina Madsen said, “I didn’t really have much sympathy for them [the women]. … ‘You got yourself into this position, you better tough it out.’” Joy Davis echoes this view: “Out of the thousands and thousands of patients we [saw], I couldn’t remember one name or face. Because they were just a number to me, by how much money they paid. Oh, that’s a $5,000 case…” Referring to victims of crimes against humanity (such as women subjected to prenatal homicide) as numbers rather than as human beings directly recalls how Nazis tattooed numbers onto the wrists of concentration camp prisoners.

LifeNews Note: Chris Rostenberg was once a pro-choicer – when he thought “pro-choice” meant anyone who supported any abortion. Now he believes a pro-choicer is a person who supports nine month abortion under all circumstances. Reprinted with permission of Live Action News.