Mayor Sparks Abortion Debate in Norway by Posting Picture of Unborn Baby in His Hand

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 4, 2014   |   5:52PM   |   Oslo, Norway

A local mayor has sparked a national debate in Norway over abortion by posting a picture on Facebook showing him holding a plastic doll that is a likeness of an unborn baby at 12 weeks of pregnancy to make a point about how abortion takes the life of a tiny baby.

Norway’s government is currently discussing plans for abortion referrals for doctors who are ethically unable to participate in an abortion. To support the legislation Jørgen Kristiansen, deputy mayor of Kristiansen, posted the following image on his Facebook page.

fetalmodelSince then, Kristiansen has been condemned for posting ‘anti-abortion propaganda’ that is ‘a lie’ despite the fact that the plastic fetal model is a scientifically sound likeness of an unborn baby at that point in pregnancy.

Under Norwegian law, women can get abortions up to 18 weeks into pregnancy and Kristiansen, who is pro-life, hopes the law will be changed.
The London Daily mail has more on the dustup:

‘This is what a 12-week-old foetus looks like,’ Mr Kristiansen wrote under the photo, according to The Local.

‘It gives me at least a basis for reflection when the country is standing in the middle of a discussion on doctor’s reservation rights.’

Their refusal may be based on either religious or other grounds.

The discussion is part of a deal to try to win the support of the Christian Democrat party, as agreed by Norway’s two-party coalition last September.

Kristiansen has defended the photo – claiming it shows ‘everything a child has when it is 12-weeks-old’.