Abortion Advocates Reduce Killing an Unborn Baby to a Puppet Show

National   |   Andrew Bair   |   Jan 31, 2014   |   1:09PM   |   Washington, DC

Following President Obama’s State of the Union address, there was the Republican response by pro-life Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers. Several other lawmakers gave their rebuttals on YouTube, news shows and other forums. But there was one address you may have missed: “The State of the Uterus,” brought to us by abortion advocates with a group called Lady Parts Justice.

The video, intended to be comedic, proves just plain strange as a hand puppet shaped like the female reproductive system lectures viewers on pro-life legislation, the Hobby Lobby case before the Supreme Court and other topics.

stateofuterus2“Republicans are tirelessly fighting so the uteri of America will have the same rights as the uteri of Saudi Arabia. And the passage of 250 abortion laws in 2013 alone is a pretty good start,” the video states.

Across the country, Americans demanded action following the horrific details revealed during the trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell. State legislatures listened and many passed commonsense regulations to reign in an out-of-control abortion industry. Support for such bills crossed party lines.

In Pennsylvania, Democratic State Representative Margot Davidson spoke out in favor of abortion center regulations after her 22-year old cousin died following a botched abortion at Gosnell’s center in Philadelphia. “I honor her memory by voting for this bill, so women will no longer walk into a licensed healthcare facility and be butchered as she was,” she said on the House floor.

In 2013, several states passed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which protects unborn children at 20 weeks. By that point, possibly even earlier, medical and scientific evidence indicates the unborn child can experience pain. Nationwide polling shows 64% of Americans back legislation to protect pain-capable unborn children.

The “State of the Uterus” would like to portray pro-life efforts as barbaric. But, in fact, it is abortion itself that is barbaric. For example, in a dilation and evacuation (D&E) abortion, the unborn child is quite literally torn limb from limb inside the womb and his or her head is then crushed with a Sopher clamp. This is the type of abortion commonly performed late in pregnancy, on unborn children capable of feeling pain.



The “State of the Uterus” address, while under the guise of being pro-woman, actually does a huge disservice to women. It not only reduces women to their physical anatomy but it makes light of a topic that deserves serious conversation.

What kind of message does this video send to the millions of women who have been hurt by abortion and who continue to mourn the loss of their children? Let’s put away the hand puppets and talk about the reality of abortion, what it does to women and what it does to an unborn child.