Thief Steals Bag From Train, Finds it Has Abandoned Two-Week-Old Baby

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 28, 2014   |   7:52PM   |   Washington, DC

A thief stole a bag on a train in Mumbai only to get more than he expected. Kishnor Kale, 20, stole a backpack on a train ride hoping to find some valuables inside. Instead, he found an abandoned two-week-old baby.

indiababyShocked, he tried to abandon the bag again. Police are now trying to trace the two-week-old’s parents and, fortunately, the child is healthy and sent to a rescue home.

According to the London Daily Mail:

Kishor Kale, 20, was selling nail polish to women on a train journey, from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus to Belapur, in Mumbai, India, when he noticed an abandoned bag sitting on the side of a carriage.

Hoping it had money and other valuables inside, Mr Kale picked up the bag and exited the train.

But when Mr Kale later unzipped the green bag on the station platform he found a baby’s hand reach out to him.



Shocked, Mr Kale tried to flee and further abandon the little baby but a vigilant station ticket collector caught him.
Soon, a crowd assembled and everyone was staring at the adorable 15-day-old baby sleeping inside the bag.

The police arrived and detained Mr Kale thinking he was abandoning his own baby. They are now investigating the story.