ACLU Opposes Death Penalty for Rapist, Okay With Death Penalty for Unborn Baby

National   |   Katie McCann   |   Jan 28, 2014   |   4:55PM   |   Fort Worth, TX

Last week, the ACLU sent a letter to Governor John Kasich, opposing the death penalty in light of the recent execution of Dennis McGuire, a man who brutally raped and murdered a 30-weeks pregnant woman in 1989. Last week was also the week that the government sentenced to death one child and tens of millions of other children.  Ironically, the ACLU endorses both of those death sentences.

One of those sentences was Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court ruling which sentenced to death more than 56 million children. The other sentence was rendered just two days after the 41st anniversary of Roe when Marlise Munoz, a 22 weeks and 5 days pregnant woman, was taken off life-support as a result of a Texas judge’s ruling.

In early January, one ACLU opinion piece asserted, “Laws like those that exist in Texas undermine women’s and families’ abilities to make personal and private decisions.” One left-wing op-ed columnist argued a similar point—that removing the pregnant woman from life-support is justifiable because it is in keeping with the family’s “personal morality.” But this argument completely overlooks objective, scientific facts in favor of subjective and inconsistent preferences.

aclu2“Life” is not a preference. It is a right. Its value is not determined or granted by a court. It is natural–we are born with it. It is a simple and age-old concept that (frighteningly) seems increasingly difficult for the relativist, pro-choice culture to grasp.

At 22 weeks gestation, a baby has a 40 percent chance of surviving if born prematurely and given expert medical attention. Just one more week, and the baby’s survival chance will increase to 61 percent. The baby can hear and respond to sound. She can open and close her eyes. Her ovaries contain their lifetime supply of eggs. And yes, she can feel pain.

(Learn more about human development here.)

While the ACLU expresses concerns about the “mistakes and pain” caused by “botched executions,” but, to my knowledge, is silent on the mistakes and pain induced by botched abortions—or any abortion for that matter.

The ACLU’s hypocrisy becomes clear as they lament the inhumanity of death row, but celebrate another death row, or more fitting, “death Roe.”



In a society that seeks to preserve and advance life, it would seem absurd to deny a child all last-ditch efforts to save his or her life. That society will have corrupted morality if it could mourn for a rapist but hardened its hearts against a baby.

If our society wants to maintain any reason or morality, we would reject the corrupted moral code of the ACLU and the rest of the relativist, pro-choice community and embrace the objective, moral code that advances life for the innocent, and in turn, for all of humanity.