Minister Takes Teenage Girl to Abortion Clinic, But Pro-Lifers Change Their Minds

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 20, 2014   |   4:51PM   |   Washington, DC

The pro-life organization Pro-Life America shared the inspiring story of a pastor who took a teenager girl to a local abortion clinic for an abortion. But sidewalk counselors were there offering information on abortion alternatives, prayers and support.

Thanks to their efforts, Pro-Life America reports that both the pastor and the pregnant girl changed their minds on the abortion.

An Assemblies of God minister drove a girl to an #abortion clinic today. According to side walk counselors, the girl and minister were both aggressive. She was cursing. She said, “I’m a Christian and you don’t understand my situation! You’re judging me!”

prolifeimage41The #prolifers tried to reason with her from the Scriptures as the minister was taking the girl by the arm and leading her into the killing place.

The group on the sidewalk prayed for them.

Later they both came out of the clinic and the minister told a #prolifer, “I know you’re a man of truth. You were speaking truth to us. We now know that this isn’t right or in accordance to God’s truth.” They were weeping.

The group offered help and a home for the girl if she needs it. The girl was so touched with their love she asked what church the group attended.



A member of the group replied, “I’m so sorry, but our church is about an hour away, but we can connect you with a local church closer to where you live.”

The minister said, “I don’t care. We want to come to your church anyway! This is amazing. You are amazing.” Lots of hugging and crying.