Only 6 Percent of Teen Girls Who Practice Abstinence Will Ever Have Abortions

National   |   William Saunders and Mary Novick   |   Jan 19, 2014   |   7:51PM   |   Washington, DC

Family Research Council released a report this week that gave valuable insight to those who want to understand the women in our culture who are most vulnerable to abortion industry pressures and what risk factors affect them. This valuable research about the demographics of women who have had abortions reinforces what common sense would suggest – the more sexual partners a woman has, and the earlier she becomes sexually active, the more likely she is to have one or more abortions in her lifetime.

Most importantly, the research shows how important strong families are in decreasing the likelihood of a woman having an abortion.

This week Dr. Patrick Fagan presented this research from FRC’s Marriage and Religion Research Institute. The data in this research is based on 2006-2010 data from the National Survey of Family Growth. Research participants voluntarily respond to questions asked of them, which means it’s likely that the abortion data is underreported and that there is likely a higher instance of abortion in each group studied. Still, this research is very valuable because it emphasizes how important strong families are in preventing abortion, and how the hook-up culture contributes to increased instances of abortion.

teencouple2According to this study, only 6.2 percent of girls that delay sexual intercourse until they are 20 years of age or older will have an abortion in their lifetimes. Contrast this with women who became sexually active at age 14—37.9 percent of these women will have one or more abortions in their lifetimes.

The data is just as compelling when we look at the correlation between the number of male sexual partners a woman has, and her likelihood to have an abortion. According to the study, only 6.4 percent of women who have an abortion have had one male sexual partner for life, meanwhile 89.0 percent of women who reported having one or more abortions had 3 or more sexual partners.

This research shows that the hook-up culture is the culture of death. As our society abandons sexual mores, it is no wonder that abortion is so prevalent.

The research also shows how the breakdown of the family has affected the instances of abortion.



Women that come from broken families are more likely to have one or more abortions in their lifetime, then women that were raised in intact families. This study found that 25.7 percent of women who were raised in families that were not intact throughout childhood have had one or more abortions. This is compared with 16 percent of women raised by two biological or adoptive parents from birth, who have had one or more abortions.

In a society that encourages early sexual activity and undermines the importance of the family, is it any wonder that we are still fighting back the culture of death 41 years after Roe? The research by Dr. Fagan shows that we need to strengthen the family in order to win this cultural battle.