Middle School Under Fire for Classroom Poster Listing Sex Acts

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 16, 2014   |   12:29PM   |   Kansas City, KS

The abortion industry is targeting schoolchildren more frequently with sex education than ever before — something not surprising given that studies show sex education campaigns lead to young women eventually purchasing abortions.

But the father of a 13-year-old girl in Kansas is upset and says one campaign has gone too far — by putting a poster in his daughter’s classroom that lists explicit sexual acts.

Brietbart News reported on what’s happening in this Midwestern state:

As local Fox News affiliate in Kansas, fox4kc.com, reported Tuesday, Mark Ellis said his daughter, a student at Hocker Grove Middle school in the Shawnee Mission School District, was “shocked” by what she saw on a poster on a classroom wall in school. Ellis said his daughter took a picture of the poster and showed her parents.

Originally, Ellis assumed the poster to be a student prank, until he called the school and discovered it was part of the curriculum.

“Why would you put it in front of 13 year-old students?” he asked.



The poster, entitled, “How Do People Express Their Sexual Feelings?” lists sex acts such as: Oral Sex, Sexual Fantasy, Caressing, Anal Sex, Dancing, Hugging, Touching Each Other’s Genitals, Kissing, Grinding, and Masturbation.

Ellis said after being told by the school principal the poster was “teaching material,” he is now concerned about what his daughter is being taught in school.

“It upsets me,” he said. “And again, it goes back to who approved this? You know this had to pass through enough hands that someone should have said, ‘Wait a minute, these are 13-year-old kids, we do not need to be this in-depth with this sexual education type of program.’”

The pro-life movement has noted for years that the abortion industry understands the link between teen sex and abortions. That’s why Planned Parenthood, the biggest abortion business in the United States, has pushed so hard to get sex education classes in as many high schools as possible.

Now, new information from the Family Research Council confirms these concerns and the information will be presented in a lecture.

“Recent analysis of demographic data on abortions indicates that abortion advocates use inflated abortion numbers to support their positions. Rather than the 1/3 of women commonly cited by abortion supporters as having obtained an abortion an analysis of the data indicates that the number is 1/6,” FRC says in a promotional for the lecture. “Come listen the FRC’s Marriage and Religion Research Institute team as they discuss these compelling new numbers.”