Touching Proctor and Gamble Ad Highlights Mothers: “Thank You Mom”

National   |   Lauren Enriquez   |   Jan 10, 2014   |   12:39PM   |   Washington, DC

Proctor and Gamble has released a video ahead of the 2014 winter Olympics, which begin next month. The ad portrays the role of moms in helping their children achieve their goals.

The video opens with moms around the world helping their children learn the very first basics of physical independence, like walking. As their children grow older and begin to experiment with outdoor sports, the role of the mom shifts as she is now the one to pick them up and clean them off after they fall.

Their children continue to grow and progress in their respective sports, and mom’s job becomes more hands-off, moral support. Ultimately their children make it to the winter Olympic games, thanks to the unfailing support of their mothers from their earliest days.

The video concludes, “For teaching us that falling only makes us stronger. Thank you, Mom.”