Planned Parenthood Abortionist Who Reused Blood-Stained Gloves Just Gets $1,500 Fine

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 8, 2014   |   11:09AM   |   Dover, DE

Timothy Liveright, a former abortionist at Planned Parenthood of Delaware,received just a slap on the wrist for running a filthy abortion clinic and engaging in actions and antics that put women’s health at risk.

In November reached a consent agreement with the Delaware Board of Licensure and Discipline to avoid losing his medical license over medical misconduct and filthy conditions at his abortion clinic. Liveright also refused to wear sterile gloves during abortions and wore smelly, blood stained scrubs.

The Board planned to release the agreement only after it is approved by the full board this month. Yesterday, the board met to consider Liveright’s case and merely slapped him on the wrist with a $1,500 fine.

From a report on the board’s decision:

A former Planned Parenthood doctor will pay a $1,500 fine and receive a letter of reprimand from the state to resolve problems that emerged from his work at the abortion provider’s Wilmington clinic last year.

The state Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline on Tuesday approved the terms agreed upon late last year by the state and Timothy Liveright, the doctor.

According to the agreement, Liveright admitted to misconduct including sexual harassment in 2012 and failure to adequately document procedures and results of procedures in patient charts while performing medical or surgical abortions.

In its original complaint against Liveright, the Office of Attorney General Beau Biden called the doctor a “clear and immediate danger to the public.” Few of the original citations were mentioned in the final agreement, though, and there was no open discussion of the matter Tuesday when the board voted to accept the terms. Two board members – Dr. Karyl Rattay, director of the Division of Public Health, and Dr. Garrett Colmorgen – recused themselves from the vote.

“We accepted the consent agreement and that’s pretty much it,” said Dr. Gregory D. Adams, president of the board.

A former abortion clinic staffer is not happy about the decision:

“A reprimand seems very mild to me and a $1,500 fine – to me it’s like nothing,” said Joyce Vasikonis. “I’m disappointed.”

Vasikonis said she fears other nurses at the clinic and elsewhere will be reluctant to report problems, though law mandates they do so.

“I have lost much more than $1,500,” she said. “I’m not working as a nurse. I have applied for positions and not been hired. Is this part of the reason why? Nurses are mandated to report [concerns], but if you look at what happened to us – this is a big deal, not small. There is no real resolution.”

Former Planned Parenthood nurse Jayne Mitchell-Werbrich, who reported her concerns to Planned Parenthood and to the state in 2012, called the fine a “slap on the wrist.”

“A $1,500 fine? That’s a couple abortions,” she said. “That’s a joke. I don’t care about political parties or whether people believe in abortions or not. I care about patient safety and fulfilling my duty and responsibility to report and do what had to be done. … My goal is not to be a tattletale. But when something’s wrong, someone has to stand up. I’ve stood long and alone.”

Liveright was charged by the Board in May with multiple counts of incompetence and negligence related to abortions done on five women between February and March, 2013, noting that he posed a “clear and immediate danger to the public.” Other charges included over-medicating patents, doing unnecessary surgical procedures, and failing to properly monitor patients and provide appropriate emergency care. The charges were likely based on complaints filed by Operation Rescue.

Liveright worked at two disturbingly dangerous Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in Dover and Wilmington.

In February, Operation Rescue was the first to reveal an alarming trend of abortion-related medical emergencies at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Wilmington. In March, Operation Rescue also released video footage of an attack on a peaceful pro-life grandmother at the same location, which went viral and was shown on national news programs before being removed by That event drew national attention to the abortion clinic and prompted two clinic employees, Jayne Mitchell-Werbrich and Joyce Vasikonis, to come forward and describe before the Delaware Legislature the horrific conditions, negligent practices, and sexual harassment that existed at that clinic.

Operation Rescue assisted with ABC Action News investigation that documented the Wilmington clinic’s conditions. The shocking news report proves the unsanitary practices at this Planned Parenthood were no different than those inside Kermit Gosnell’s squalid “House of Horrors” in Philadelphia.

Planned Parenthood closed both of their Delaware abortion clinics for weeks for “cleaning and re-staffing” but have since reopened.

Liveright was accused by the former Planned Parenthood workers of sexual harassment and slapping women on the leg during abortions. He was said to have played “peek-a-boo” with a women in the process of an abortion with another abortionists in addition to his slovenly and dangerous abortion practices.



“While we believe that Liveright’s offenses warrant license revocation, we are hopeful that the consent agreement will include a very lengthy license suspension and heavy fine,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “His behavior was out of control and completely unacceptable. We also hope he takes time to avail himself of the services of a mental health professional and a spiritual counselor during this disciplinary term. We look forward to viewing the terms of this consent agreement when it becomes available in January.”

Other incidents, excerpted from a letter Jane wrote to her bosses (with slight grammatical editing):

  • “During a procedure that another doctor was performing, Dr. Liveright entered the room to see how things were proceeding. The doctors had a conversation regarding the faulty equipment in front of the patient…. After the doctors finished their conversation, Dr. Liveright struck the patient’s right lateral thigh with force with his opened hand, stating ‘BREATHE!’ The patient, shocked and puzzled, looked at me as if to say, ‘What is he doing?’ I suggested that Dr. Liveright must have some sort of unusual technique to help distract patients from the discomfort of the procedure. The patient looked at me, rolled her eyes, held my hand tight, and tried to relax and concentrate on her breathing. That is when Dr. Liveright peeks around the curtain (as he had not exited the room) and plays peek-a-boo with the patient. The patient then rolls her eyes and shakes her head stating, ‘He’s not right.’ The entire time this is happening, the other doctor is continuing to dilate the patient! I then stated, ‘Goodbye Dr. Liveright,’ as I pulled the curtain around his head….”
  • “Sexual harassment: I have noted Dr. Liveright inappropriately look up and down patients as well as staff members in a sexual kind of way. He actually stands back with a grin and slowly directs his eyes up and down a patient’s body.”

Jayne said management told her Liveright had previously been disciplined for sexual harassment against a staff member.