Planned Parenthood Board Member Calls Abortion a “Sacred Gift”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 7, 2014   |   12:57PM   |   Washington, DC

Valerie Tarico, who proudly sits on the Board of Advocates for Planned Parenthood, is already coming under fire for saying Christianity is “Going Down.” But that’s not all the abortion activist said that has pro-life people and Christians up in arms.

Tarico also called abortion a “sacred gift.”

The Christian News Network has more:

Tarico, whose writing has appeared in outlets such as Salon, AlterNet, and the Huffington Post, routinely writes about her opposition to Christian beliefs and values. In an opinion piece last June, she wrote, “it’s tempting to think that Christian conservatives have reached some new pinnacle of hating women and sexuality.”

In a Huffington Post article last January, Tarico claimed that abortion is “a sacred gift.” She also encouraged people to “honor women who decide to terminate pregnancies” and “honor doctors who provide abortion services,” since they are “doing God’s work.”

“An abortion when needed is a blessing,” Tarico posited. “It is a gift, a grace, a mercy, a cause for gratitude, a new lease on life. Being able to choose when and whether to bring a child into the world enables us and our children to flourish.”

In one of Tarico’s most recent articles, initially published on AlterNet in late December, she lists ten reasons why she believes that Christianity is “in decline.”

“Things are looking bright for those who would like to see humanity more grounded in science and reason,” Tarico asserts.

This isn’t the first time someone has called abortion “sacred.”

During a speech and press conference last year, pro-abortion Texas lawmaker Wendy Davis pulled a page from Nancy Pelosi’s playbook by calling defending late-term abortions “sacred ground.”



“I’ll seek common ground – we all must – but sometimes you have to take a stand on sacred ground,” Davis said during her press conference — referring to her filibuster to stop a bill to ban abortions after five months.