Actor Mark Ruffalo Defends Abortion in Twitter Conversation With LifeNews

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 2, 2014   |   2:36PM   |   Washington, DC

Actor Mark Ruffalo is a popular and well-known actor who has appeared in movies ranging from Shutter Island and Now You See Me but is probably best known for portraying the Marvel Comics character the Incredible Hulk. Ruffalo received national attention last year for not only defending legalized abortion but he apologized for and defended his mother getting an illegal abortion of his own sibling.

Ruffalo was involved in a conversation with pro-life advocate Chris Loesch on Twitter today about another political topic when I reminded Loesch about Ruffalo’s defense of his mother’s abortion. That prompted a long conversation with the actor about abortion. That conversation follows and it has Ruffalo again defending abortion.

The actor presents some of the typical pro-abortion rhetoric of women dying from illegal abortions and, after challenged with the fact that legal abortions kill women as well and legalizing abortion doesn’t maker it safer, Ruffalo retreated to another standard abortion defense — saying abortions should be legal because we can’t address issues of poverty or homelessness for children living now. Ruffalo doesn’t expand beyond that defense of abortion.

Ruffalo didn’t change his mind on abortion but hopefully a seed was planted for him to consider the pro-life perspective further. Pray for him and for his heart and mind to be opened. Like pro-life actors like Patricia Heaton or Mel Gibson or Kirk Cameron, Ruffalo would be a great pro-life spokesman someday — especially given the fact that he’s lost a brother or sister to abortion.

The conversation follows. Interestingly, Ruffalo deleted all of his tweets afterwards.