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New Birth Control Implant Could Come With a Remote Control And Last for 16 Years

Washington, DC | 12/31/14 6:59 PM

In 2018, a new birth control implant may be available that has the same effects of some forms of oral contraception.

Baby Survives Being Born 15-Weeks-Early, Now Her Family’s Helping Other Preemies

Glasgow, Scotland | 12/31/14 6:44 PM

Right to Privacy? Hundreds of Abortion Records Found Abandoned in Warehouse

Houston, TX | 12/31/14 6:04 PM

According to ABC News, hundreds of abortion records have been found in a warehouse in Houston, Texas.

My 14-Year-Old Daughter Was Told She Wasn’t Really Raped Because She Didn’t Have an Abortion

Washington, DC | 12/31/14 5:13 PM

New Experimental Adult Stem Cell Treatment Helps Those With MS

Washington, DC | 12/31/14 4:42 PM

Nicki Minaj: Abortion I Had as a Teenager “Has Haunted Me All My Life”

Washington, DC | 12/31/14 4:16 PM

Scotland MSPs Making Biggest Push Ever to Legalize Assisted Suicide

Glasgow, Scotland | 12/31/14 3:58 PM

In April, Margo Macdonald MSP passed away from Parkinson’s disease after introducing the “Assisted Suicide Bill” in Scotland

Baby “Aborted” at 26 Weeks to Save Mother’s Life Survives, Now Healthy 10-Year-Old

Washington, DC | 12/31/14 3:38 PM

Maryland Doc Loses License After Suffocating Six People to Death in Assisted Suicides

Annapolis, MD | 12/31/14 2:40 PM

A Maryland doctor has lost his medical license after suffocating six people to death in assisted suicides.

Miracle Babies: Triplets Saved by Operation While They Were Still in the Womb

Burnley, Lancashire | 12/31/14 2:06 PM

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