“I Had an Abortion But Am Still Pregnant Three Months Later,” Couple Keeps Baby This Time

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 31, 2013   |   6:42PM   |   Washington, DC

Shannon Skinner had an abortion when she was eight weeks pregnant, or so she thought. She already had a four-month-old baby and she and partner Anthony were “having problems” so they decided abortion was the best answer as opposed to a second baby.

But after the abortion, Skinner continued to have morning sickness and to feel the unborn baby’s movements. After consulting a physician, she received word that the movements were just an after-effect of the abortion.

Eventually, a pregnancy test came back positive and she was told she was five months pregnant. Thankfully, the couple have now decided to keep the baby, who does not appear to have been harmed by the powerful abortion drugs Skinner took.

As the London Daily Mail reports:

When teenage mother Shannon Skinner fell pregnant for a second time, she agonised before deciding to have an abortion.

But three months later, while still grieving for her unborn child, she was astonished to be told she was still pregnant.

Now Miss Skinner, 19, says she is delighted to be five months pregnant and is looking forward to the birth of her second daughter in early May.

They are still inside the legal 24-week limit for a surgical termination but Miss Skinner said: ‘She’s obviously a little fighter, and we don’t want to cause it any more harm.

‘When I had the abortion it didn’t feel the same as it does now – we have seen her and she has a heartbeat.’

Miss Skinner had her latest scan last week. Midwives confirmed her unborn daughter looks physically fine, however they could not rule out future complications.



A midwife at St Michael’s Hospital, Bristol, where Miss Skinner is receiving check-ups, is investigating what happened, and the couple have also complained to Marie Stopes International.

A spokesman for the family planning organisation said: ‘Very occasionally, the medical abortion pill can fail.